Sunrises and Swim Caps at the Xel-Ha Triathlon

Never in my life have I wanted to do a triathlon. I’ve never seen one, never even been remotely interested in doing one.

Until Sunday.

I arrived at Xel-Ha at the crack of dawn for the Xel-Ha Triathlon. Despite the early hour, everyone arriving seemed nervous and excited. As I waited for the event to start, the beauty of Xel-Ha’s bay at sunrise just blew me away.

The biggest triathlon event had taken place the day before, but there was still a good crowd for the shorter Sprint on Sunday. The Sprint consists of the following:

  • 750 meter swim
  • 20 km bike ride
  • 5 km run

For someone who can only run 2 km straight, this all sounds very impressive!

The Swim

The swimmers line up on Xel-Ha's floating bridge


The cycling portion went through some of the jungle areas and roads around the park. I didn’t catch much of the trail, but it was fun watching the racers transition from the swim to the bike portion!


By the beginning of the run, the racers looked hot and exhausted, but each and every one was still maintaining an impressive speed. I don’t know how they do it. They were given packs of water, which they used to drench themselves and cool off.

Beginner Ladies

Even after seeing these incredible athletes compete, I have to admit that I was most blown away by the beginner ladies group. This year, Xel-Ha inaugurated its first ever category for ladies competing in their first ever triathlon. Participants were trained in a 6-week online program, and 50 brave women showed up for the following triathlon:

  • 400 km swim
  • 10 km bike
  • 2.5 km run

These distances sound very doable for me, and I thought it was a great way to learn all about the transitions and mechanics of a triathlon without all the pressure of racing with experts. I didn’t get to see their bike and run portions, but the beginner ladies swim was beautiful.

Gracias to Xel-Ha park in the Riviera Maya for hosting this incredible event in such a breathtaking setting! You probably won’t see me participating anytime soon (I have an unrational fear of bikes), but it did inspire me to do more 5k races.

Have you ever completed a triathlon? Do you want to?


For my birthday this past weekend, we decided to go with some friends to Xel-Ha.

Xel-Ha is a huge ecopark set on in inlet in the Riviera Maya, just south of Playa del Carmen. It has a great All Inclusive plan (all you can eat buffets and all you can drink bars), and it’s perfect for snorkeling, exploring and just relaxing. It has cenotes, lagoons, a mile-long river you can swim through, cliffs, ziplines, a floating bridge, and the list goes on.

One of the highlights was floating down the river, but I didn’t get any pictures because I don’t have a waterproof camera. I saw lots of fish and a barracuda!

Other than that, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The dolphinarium

Its hard to get the full effect from this picure, but under this bridge were HUNDREDS of fish. Later, Jorge and I snorkeled through there... Ive never had such an amazing experience. Then someone threw fish food on top of me and I was attacked by hundreds of fish. Good times haha

Jorge and Juan trying to look cool by the floating bridge

The man of my dreams, taking a much-needed nap.

Just Thursday

Outside my window.. 83 degrees and BEAUTIFUL! Unfortunately all this sun means I’ve had to water my plants for the first time since we moved in.
Today I feel.. happy and cheerful.
I am thankful.. for my coworkers
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then home to relax before a busy weekend.
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. for nothing right now. Life is pretty good.
This weekend.. is my BIRTHDAY!!!!! I’ll work a half-day Saturday, then spend the afternoon with Jorge’s family, then go to Xel-Ha on Sunday.
I am reading.. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
I am working on.. getting the living room all fixed up! We painted a wall last weekend (turquoise!!), hung curtains and hung some artwork.

Yesterday I.. ordered sushi and watched Jersey Shore.
I am hoping.. to watch Survivor online tonight (no spoilers!). I’m still not sure who I want to win… Boston Rob probably deserves it.
I am hearing.. the clicking of keyboards at work.
I bet you didn’t know.. that my dogs are adorable. Here they are helping us paint:
One of my favorite.. drinks is the Passion Hibiscus Tea at Starbucks.