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I was really hoping that today I could tell you I’d lost the final 2 pounds, but sadly that’s not the case. I had my weigh-in on Tuesday and was surprised to see that I’d actually gained about a pound! (now at 131 pounds) Fortunately it was all muscle weight. I gained nearly 2 pounds of muscle (yay!), but I only lost about 1 pound of fat.

Anyway, since I’m now doing free weights with lots of squats and lunges, it looks like I’ll keep gaining muscle, so I can’t say 128 pounds is my goal weight anymore. My weight might go up or stay the same, but the main goal is to reach 24% body fat. To get to 24%, I still need to lose a little over 1 pound of fat. It’s not much, but I do want to slim down my tummy and arms before I begin my maintenance diet, so the nutritionist put me on a stricter diet for the next 2 weeks to finish once and for all.

The gym clothes I’ve had for a year or more no longer fit me properly, so last week I went to Cancun’s outlet mall and got some discounted workout outfits. They’re all dry-fit, which is great because I don’t have to worry about everyone at the gym seeing my sweat seep through my clothes. Not a good look!

Here are some before, during and after pics in my workout clothes:

Before: 160 pounds

During: 145 pounds

During: 145 pounds

Now: 131 pounds (New Nike shirt and Underarmour pants)

Now: 131 pounds (another Nike top and Underarmour pants)

Now: 131 pounds (Nike running shorts and top I got for Christmas last year but couldn't wear until now) Legs are looking pretty good, yes?

I have been a little frustrated with my tummy not being flat yet, but now that I see the “during” pics from when I was halfway through my weight loss, I can see it’s come a loooong way! If you are on a weight loss journey, I strongly recommend lots of progress pics. It really helps to keep you motivated when you can’t feel any changes.

Wish me luck on the final leg of my diet! Once the small amount of unwanted fat is gone, I’ll be able to focus 100% on exercise and building some more muscle.

Honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro: Thongs and Fashion

On our recent trip to Rio, we were very surprised by some of the… um… “unique” fashion trends, and not so surprised by others.


Everything you’ve heard is true. Brazilian women love to wear their thong bikinis on the beach! Every single woman aged 15 on up to 90 on the beach was wearing a thong bikini, or a very small bikini that had been “tucked in” to resemble a thong. They seemed to be pretty shameless about it as well, which was shocking at first but seemed quite normal after a few days.¬† They would bend over, run around with the kids, and even play a game of beach¬† paddleball in their thongs.

Interestingly, the Brazilian women were quite modest when not on the beach. Even when walking along the boardwalk, the ladies were fully covered… unlike Cancun or parts of the US, where you’ll see women walking along in bikini tops. Not so in Rio. When you’re not on the sand, you cover up.

Everything you’ve heard about Brazilian butts is also true. We did not see a single Brazilian woman there who didn’t have a fabulous butt. Didn’t matter if they were skinny or fat, young or old… amazing butts, all of them.

About 2/3 of the men were wearing speedo’s, but luckily Jorge didn’t feel too left out because there were a good amount wearing trunks as well.

American men will never be secure enough to hug another man wearing a speedo.

Workout Gear

We mostly stayed in the Copacabana and Ipanema districts of Rio, where you’ll find tons of locals biking, playing soccer, playing paddleball, walking and running. They even have gym stations on the beach so guys can do pull-ups!

By Day 2, Jorge had noticed that many of the women were wearing the same workout outfit that seemed a bit odd to us. We saw at least 20 women wearing this trend every day: leggings with knee-high athletic socks. For posterity’s sake, we documented some of these women so you can see it’s actually true:

After seeing it so much, this trend actually began to look attractive. Luckily we left Rio before I had a chance to buy my long athletic socks.

What interesting fashion statements have you seen in other cultures?