Dancing Under the Stars in Tulum

Moving on with the posts from our 3-day weekend in Tulum…

Saturday night we were still getting the feel for Tulum, so we decided to see what the nightlife was like in town.

The verdict: not too exciting

We had a great dinner at an Argentinean restaurant called Buenos Aires, then walked up and down the main street taking pictures and eating ice cream.

The main street had lots of cute restaurants and bars so we had a hard time choosing which one to go to. There were also street bands (mostly drums) and a few bars with hippies (for lack of a better term) hanging out outside to listen to the live bands. Overall a quiet but interesting atmosphere, but not as much fun as we were hoping for.

We ended up choosing a 2nd story palapa club that was playing salsa music… but as soon as we got there, the salsa quickly changed to hip hop and reggaeton (fine by me!). Lots of locals started to show up, and Jorge and I started to wonder “Where are all the tourists?”

We found the tourists the next night.

A taxi driver and our hotel recommended Zebra hotel in the Tulum hotel zone (along the beach) for dinner and drinks. We hadn’t considered going to the hotel zone before because we’re used to Cancun, where the hotels are for guests only. Not the case in Tulum! In Tulum, all the tourists just kinda hang out at whatever restaurant they feel like at any hotel. I’m jealous.

Zebra was amazing.  I got a Mexican-style lasagna and Jorge got stuffed chicken, and there were also caipirinhas and beers involved. The place was filled with all kinds of other travelers, all in flowy dresses or casual shorts. Much much much more laid-back than Cancun or even Playa del Carmen.

As they finished their dinner, everyone slowly made their way to the bar, then outside to the beach. Turns out, Zebra hosts a salsa party on the beach every Sunday night, with a great live band.

We mostly watched for awhile, then¬† Jorge asked me to dance. We didn’t want to get crushed on the packed dance floor, so we just danced on the sand under a palm tree.

Just before it was time to go, I looked up and saw thousands upon thousands of stars above the ocean. You can’t see that many stars in Cancun.