The Many Beaches of Tulum

All my Facebook followers know that Jorge and I just got back from a 3-day weekend in Tulum. We’d both been to Tulum ruins before, but we’d never visited the beaches, the hotels or the town. I’ll post pics of our hotel, the nightlife and the ruins over the next week, but today let’s start with the best part: the beaches of Tulum.

Saturday Afternoon: La Vita E Bella beach club


Sunday Afternoon: Tulum ruins beach

My best Sports Illustrated attempt

 Monday Afternoon: Mezzanine Beach

A beach day isn't complete without me being smacked by a giant wave in front of a small crowd or a camera (photo taken just before falling into the sand) Every. Single. Time.


Taking pictures on the beach in Tulum was a bit of a challenge… lots of people doing yoga and even more topless ladies that I tried to keep out of the lens. Still, I got creative and made it work with the angles available to me.

Have you ever been to Tulum? Ever been knocked over by a wave?