Before and After: Garden Gone Wild

So about 2 years ago we decided to spruce up the little backyard of our rental house, putting in a patio of sorts, planting palm trees and getting rid of a large tree that we just HATED. Here’s how it all began:

After some back-breaking work (not for me, but for Jorge haha), we had this:

It turns out the palm trees LOVE their home, because they have been growing like crazy… especially the California palm in the corner. Here’s what the yard looked like today:

At one point we even moved my orchid tree from the front to the backyard. For awhile there things weren’t looking so hot…

But now the orchid tree is growing strong!

When we put the palm trees and patio in, we were hoping to be able to use the backyard more for lunch, coffee, etc. Sadly, that hasn’t happened at all! As of right now, there is just way too much sun and way too little shade to be able to really enjoy the space. I’m hoping that as the palm trees start to give more shade, it will be a better spot. For now, it’s a nice place for the dogs to hang out, plus I have a view from my office.