Wet n Wild Waterpark

Last Sunday, Jorge and I took advantage of some free passes and went to Wet n Wild, a popular water park at the southern end of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. I had never been before, and Jorge hadn’t been since he was a kid. It was a BLAST!

The lazy river

I hadn’t been on a waterslide in YEARS!! It was amazing. From the top of the slides, you could see amazing views of the Caribbean, the Hotel Zone, the lagoon and the Riviera Maya. Sorry I don’t have pictures of that (my camera was in our locker most of the day).

We did a few laps around the lazy river, which got harder and harder as they day went on because of all the kids. Still fun, though.

It was a very tiring day because of all the stairs, but I gotta admit it was great exercise and so worth it!

The park is All Inclusive, and the food and drinks were pretty good! I hadn’t had an acceptable alcoholic beverage at an All Inclusive establishment in a very long time… or ever, really… but I had 3 Tequila Sunrises 🙂

My only complaint was the lack of shade. Almost all the loungers are in a big, open area with direct sun. I put sunscreen on 3 times, and still left with a pretty impressive tan. (I know a nice tan sounds good, but I’ve been trying to protect my skin lately because of all our recent day trips! Plus I have self-tanning cream at home that works just as well.)

It was a great day, with the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. We’ll definitely be back!