I don’t have anything specific to blog about today, but there are some random things going on, so let’s get you guys caught up 🙂

First of all, I always get asked how married life is going. It’s great! Jorge cleans, we’re both learning to cook a bit (even though he’s happy eating Nesquik cereal every night), we watch a lot of Law and Order because it’s one of the few shows we can agree on, we rarely argue, when we DO argue it never lasts more than 5 minutes (living with someone is a big motivation to apologize quickly haha)… life is good! My only complaint is that Jorge has now gotten hooked on a new video game called Plants vs. Zombies. Plays this thing for 3 – 5 hours a day. Seriously.

The crate training with Konan is going well. She’ll usually go outside on her own now. We can go out at night with friends and leave her outside the crate and she won’t go inside. Last week, we left her outside the crate all day when we weren’t home. The first day was perfect. The second day… not so much. So back into the crate she went the next day. Still… we’re progressing!!

Easy Off Bam! should be kept far, far away from all clothing items. I lost a shirt yesterday 🙁

Calorie counting isn’t going as well this time as it did last time. I haven’t gone over my limit yet, which is good, but most days it’s not as low as it should be. I’m learning, though! Most important lesson: Don’t drink your calories! There are 250 calories in 500 ml of Coke… that’s the same as a light lunch!!

This is an exciting week in my favorite shows! Big Bang Theory is having a HILARIOUS 4th season, Glee did a Rocky Horror episode last night, New Zealand’s Next Top Model has its finale this week (go Danielle!), the Project Runway finale is tomorrow, and Survivor… well, Survivor is always interesting. Don’t tell me anything! I can’t watch any of it until this weekend!


Watching Your Favorite Shows in a Foreign Country

One thing that many expats all over the world struggle with is no longer being able to watch their favorite TV shows.

Mexican cable is pretty good about showing most popular TV shows. I get to watch primetime favorites like The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Cougartown, Law and Order, Two and a Half Men, etc etc etc on TV. Still, new episodes aren’t shown until a few months after they air in the USA.

I’m perfectly fine watching most sitcoms and shows months after they originally air. However, some shows you simply can’t wait a few months to watch. Project Runway is shown here, but the winner is announced in the States before the season even airs in Mexico. I’d have to stay off the internet for 4 –  5 months just so it’s not ruined! Same goes for many other reality shows.

Other popular shows simply never make it to Mexico.

Many US networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc) show complete episodes of all their shows on their websites. However, none of them stream outside the US, with the exception of MTV and VH1.

I’ve heard people in the States say, “just use Hulu.” Well, Hulu doesn’t stream outside the US, either.

I used to download episodes on iTunes, which was AWESOME because I would download them onto my iPod, then connect the iPod to watch it on my TV, but now I only use a Mexican card. Turns out you can’t use a Mexican credit card on iTunes. Goodbye, cheap episodes with great quality.

So what’s a girl to do? I have a list of series that I always follow. Every weekend, I sit down in front of the computer and use a variety of websites where I can watch full episodes of my favorite shows.

This is particularly difficult to do. Since these websites aren’t exactly… um… legal… it’s easy to get some sort of virus when looking around for a series to watch.

After a few years here, I’ve finally found 2 safe websites that show almost anything I could possibly want. (One is for series, the other is for reality shows.) I also follow a hidden YouTube account. These, however, were not easy to find, since they don’t come up with a quick Google search for obvious reasons.

At first I felt a little bad about watching pirated TV shows, but then I realized that almost everyone on those sites is from outside the US. We’ve been left with little choice.

Here’s a list of the shows I watch online:

Reality Show Website:

Various Next Top Model Shows (Britain, Australia, and New Zealand)

Project Runway

Series Website (with Spanish subtitles):

Glee (you wouldn’t believe how popular this is in Mexico!)

Naruto Shippuden

Lost (I miss you!)

Hidden YouTube Account:


The Amazing Race

America’s Next Top Model

I think many shows are missing a HUGE market here. I would love to have a Hulu-type website that actually streamed to foreign countries. I’d be perfectly fine watching shows complete with commercials and ads, so long as it were safe and legal. There are so many non-Americans and American expats desperate to watch these shows, and a safe and legal way to watch them would be a lifesaver.

Until then, I’m stuck with my clandestine websites. 🙂

What shows could you not live without?