Pelicans on Vacation

Little known fact about me: I am obsessed with pelicans.

I’m not exactly sure why… I think it’s because they love the beach as much as I do, they have a huge wingspan and they do some pretty cool dives.

Imagine my joy this past weekend when Jorge and I came across some pelicans on the beach in Cancun. They even stopped to pose for me! Check out our photo shoot:

More beach pics to come later this week!

Escaping to Chabihau

I’ve talked about cutting the Rosca de Reyes and some culture shock on our way to our destination, but I haven’t gotten around to showing ya’ll the other pictures from our weekend visiting Jorge’s family in the small fishing village of Chabihau, Yucatan. I was still playing around with my new camera so not all the pictures are perfect, but I love them anyway.

Enjoy looking at our little piece of quiet paradise. 🙂

Jorge's cousins

Jorge's cousins

Hurricane Wilma wiped out all of the beachfront houses back in 2005. Here's an abandoned one that used to be set right on the beach.

There were tons of pelicans on the lagoon that weekend

Jorge and his dad

Jorge's uncle is a fisherman and his aunt makes the greatest fresh seafood. Here's friend fish and a bowl of my favorite: spicy chilpachole soup!

I love Chabihau because it’s so unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. The people are friendly, everybody knows everybody, there’s no schedule, ocean breezes are everywhere, all kinds of birds fly around (flamingos, pelicans, seagulls), there’s always freshly caught seafood, we spend 99% of our time outdoors and I can completely forget about work and stress.

Where’s your “happy place”?