Conversations with Jorge

Last night, Jorge and I went out to Barezzito to hang out with his coworkers from his new job. Even though I was having a great time, I had to duck out at 2 am because … hey, some of us have to be at work at 9 am. Jorge stuck around, but after I […]


Spring Break Cancun Craziness

Well this past 3-day weekend was crazy, to say the least!

Friday night we went to Party Center in the Hotel Zone with some of Jorge’s guy friends to see some of the Spring Break 2012 action.

Line outside Coco Bongo

This shirt was a Christmas present, and it didn

Mandala […]


What I've Been Up To

So the past few weekends I’ve taken tons of pictures to share with you guys! Things have been pretty busy at work, but I figure I’ll keep ya’ll updated. Here goes…

Last Weekend:

Went to my friend Dama's birthday party at Black Pub Friday night

Saturday: Went to another friend's birthday party, complete […]


Christmas Questions!

Got this from Ang and Krysten! Enjoy some Christmas questions combined with photos from the posada at our house on Saturday. (Burgers and piñatas… good times!) 1. egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate. I only had eggnog once and it was good, but nothing beats hot chocolate.

Jorge and the grill

2. does […]


My Christmas Posada Parties in Cancun

I’ll be straight with you… I’ve lived in Mexico for 6 years and I still don’t know much about what a traditional Mexican posada entails. I know they’re parties held in December, kind of like our Christmas parties in the US, but with more traditional elements like star-shaped piñatas and bowls of ponche to drink. […]


Mexican Independence Day Parties in the Riviera Maya

cancun nightlife independence day confetti

While all my fellow Americans are fast asleep in bed tonight, everyone in Mexico will be partying it up Independence Day style. Here, we don’t just shoot off some fireworks, eat some apple pie and call it a night… oh no. In Mexico, it’s not September 15th if you’re not staying up until the wee […]


Juan and Viri’s Beach Wedding

My frequent readers will know that Jorge and my best friends are Juan and Viri. They already had their civil ceremony back in December, but this past weekend was their big Catholic wedding. It was SO MUCH FUN!

The wedding was held at Ocean Events, a beautiful outdoor venue set on the beach near Puerto […]


Play By Play of a Wednesday Evening

5:00 pm Jorge informs me he might hang out with his friends PG and Paco this evening.

10:00 pm PG calls Jorge. During this call, Jorge switched from “husband voice” to “party voice” (which involves frequent use of the word wey) They decide to hang out at our house.

10:30 pm Paco and Pege arrive […]


Pinatas on New Years

During our trip to Yucatan last weekend to visit Jorge’s family, I learned that pinatas aren’t just for birthday parties! Turns out they’re also popular at New Years.

On New Years Eve, around 2 am, there was a pinata at Jorge’s Uncle Mike’s house. Sorry about all the blurriness… I was still getting used to […]


Cookout at Our Place

Last Saturday, Jorge and I had some friends over to watch the big Pacquiao vs. Margarito boxing match. I was worried about our space being too small, but it worked out really well!

Meat, quesadillas and cactus leaf all ready to go on the grill!

Making the pico de gallo

Chile, green […]