Show Me Your Office

I’m back after my mini-hiatus. Three days of avoiding the internet has paid off. I was able to watch the Lost series finale on Wednesday with no spoiler issues whatsoever. Finally we can get back into Show Me Your …

Leslie Limon from Motherhood in Mexico and Brooke from Livin’ la Vida Garcia both asked to see my office. I can’t show too much, since everyone wears uniforms with the company name plastered all over them, but I can show you my desk area.

Sorry Drama Mama, I can’t show you what I look like dressed up for work due to the uniform.

My desk is on the end, by the window.


My desk… our office only allows you to have 1 photo and 1 cup/mug/bottle. Very Spartan. I got a nice computer though!


I’m technically breaking the desk decor rules with this… but it’s so cute! One of my best friends brought this little booklet back to Cancun for me from the town of Tepoztlan.


The view from my window 🙂 This makes me happy no matter what’s going on in life.


Wanna know what the weather’s like in the Hotel Zone Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5:30 pm? I can tell ya. Not sure if you can tell in this pic, but we can also see the lagoon. We like to watch parasailers and the small planes that fly promotional banners over the Hotel Zone.


Off to the right, I can see the main road by my office. We can see almost all the way down to the airport.


Here’s the emergency exit on the ground floor (most will recognize this from a previous post). Excellent job done by our security team, as always. (2 months later, it hasn’t changed, FYI.)


For more photos of the view from my desk, you can check here, here and here. (man, I have a lot of posts of my office window. Maybe because for 9 hours a day every day, it’s the most interesting thing going on?)