Handling Sandy Hook while Living in Mexico

The Connecticut school shootings on Friday really shook me up. I spent Friday afternoon looking at news sites at work, reading updates and crying at my desk.

The weekend was alright. I got my mind off it for the most part, but there were many moments where I found myself in a bit of a zombie-like state. Anytime I hear any kind of reference to kids or playing, my mind immediately flashes to those classrooms for a brief instant before returning to normal.

Reading about the heroic acts of the Sandy Hook staff has helped restore my faith in humanity. I think those stories affected me more than the shooting itself.

After having several conversations with groups of Mexican friends (where I mainly kept my mouth shut and just listened) and seeing Facebook posts from many foreign friends, it seems the rest of the world is appalled at the lack of restrictions on gun ownership in the US. At the same time, many friends mentioned that Mexicans also have easy access to guns, it’s just not the legal kind… so why do these mass shootings keep happening in the USA, but not in Mexico or elsewhere? (with the notable exception of Norway 2011)

I hear people are starting to blame video game violence, TV, movies, etc, but here in Mexico they’re much more exposed to violent images. Here, you can buy a newspaper off the street and open it to find pictures of maimed corpses, yet Mexicans don’t go around shooting up schools and movie theaters. Why America? I don’t know.

Even though I live in Mexico now, my heart is still with the US and I’m so proud to be American. It’s a hard time for us all, I guess.

How are you coping?