At Least I'll Save on Paper Towels

I feel like the worst dog owner ever!

At my old house, I managed to get Konan housetrained after much frustration and trickery.

Once we moved into the new house, however, she seemed to forget that outside is the place to go.

Three months later… no progress.

I leave the back door open  all day so that the girls can go outside and do their business whenever they want while Jorge and I are gone. Konan still thinks the living room is the best place to go. (Luckily we have no living room furniture and the floor is all tile.)

We’ve tried many methods, and I’d been avoiding using this one for months.

Still, after everyone seemed to recommend it and ensure us it’s not torture… today we began crate training.

I'm sorry!!!

giant dog bone = guilt

The online experts think it’s good for Konan, so… we’ll see.

I still feel awful.

Just Thursday

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Outside my window.. there’s a pretty big flock of black birds circling over the school beside my office. Kinda creepy. Other than that, beautiful blue skies with cotton-candy-esque clouds.

The time is.. 9:33 a.m. central time

Today I feel.. happy with life, but kinda dazed. I’ve been translating so much lately that my brain is pretty fried.
I am thinking.. about how I still call my husband my “boyfriend”. It’s only been a few weeks haha I’ll get there.
At the moment, I am thankful.. that the electricity in the new house got fixed yesterday! Thanks for recommending your handyman, Lauren!
I am going.. to an all inclusive resort in a week and a half!
I am wearing.. my work uniform, including new pants and shoes! I no longer look sad with a dingy blue skirt and broken shoes haha
I wish.. we had 2 TVs. Jorge and I don’t exactly have the same taste in TV shows… except for Parental Control on MTV, but you can only watch but so much of that.
I am reading.. Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell.
I am working on.. a 3-page translation for work.
I am hoping.. that we get an AC unit installed SOON, and that all the doggy pee makes it to the backyard today, not my living room.
I am hearing.. people in the office chatting.
I bet you didn’t know.. That we finally have a table and chairs in the house! Ok, it’s a long plastic table that I bought last year and left at my in-laws’ house… plus 4 wicker chairs and a tablecloth they lent us… but still!!! Now I can have people over and they’ll have somewhere to sit! The wicker chairs are actually pretty cute, too.
One of my favorite.. pizza places from my childhood recently opened at my favorite mall in Cancun… Oh, Sbarro’s, how I’ve missed you!
My weekend plans include.. work Saturday morning… then whatever the heck I want to do. 🙂 We opted to stay in last weekend, so maybe we’ll cut loose this weekend *fingers crossed*