Just Thursday

It’s Just Thursday! If you want to join in, click on the button to link with Murdock’s Mama…

Outside my window.. 81 degrees and hardly a cloud in the sky! Can’t wait for my lunch hour so I can get outdoors.

Can't figure out why this pic is so dark... must have had the camera on the wrong setting. Oops!

Today I feel.. sleepy! I woke up at 4 am with allergies and haven’t been asleep since.
I am thankful.. for my giant jar of peanut butter from Sam’s Club.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then to buy paint, then Jorge’s soccer game, then nowhere!
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. I could see my family more often.
This weekend.. Jorge and I are FINALLY painting the living room! Hurrah!
I am reading..

Thank you for shipping to Mexico, Amazon.com!!!

I am working on.. getting the house looking decent.
Yesterday I.. went to Muellecito for dinner with my friend Emma.
I am hoping.. to have enough energy for Zumba class tonight.
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. I can’t think of anything!!!

Have a nice Thursday!