Cancun's Mayor Arrested

Interesting stuff going on in Cancun right now. Our beloved (*cough*cough*) mayor, Greg Sanchez, recently stepped down from his post in order to run for governor. The upcoming elections are on July 4.

This week, Greg Sanchez was arrested. *gasp* He’s accused of protecting two drug cartels, drug trafficking and money laundering.

For more (better) information, you can check out this article:

Cancun Mayor’s Arrest Fuels Fears of Drug Politics

I’m not quite sure what to think of this. I’m pretty sure that the other political party wanted him arrested in order to affect the outcome of the election (otherwise the police would NEVER have arrested him).

The question remains as to whether or not he did it. I wouldn’t be surprised, since he was recently caught using a specialized spy center that was used to listen in on phone calls.

Then there was the whole business with tearing down the Ombligo Verde to build the new City Hall, because he supposedly gifted the old City Hall area to someone he owed money to. You can read a little about that here:

Destruction of the Ombligo Verde to Build Cancun’s New City Hall

I guess everyone’s innocent until proven guilty, and there’s so much corruption in Mexican politics that you never know who to believe. (Then again, that’s not just in Mexico… other countries just seem to be better about hiding it.)

Many people got together yesterday (called to action by Greg’s political campaign, surprise surprise) to protest his arrest, saying it was purely based on political agenda. Can’t say I disagree, but does that make him innocent? Who knows.

Here’s a huge sign I took a picture of yesterday. My coworkers always joked that he looks like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons in this photo. That joke is so much funnier today than it was 2 days ago.

"With you... a new path... a new government. GREG governor 2011 - 2016"