How to Speak Like a Mexican: La Última y Nos Vamos

Here in Mexico, you can often hear the expression “la última y nos vamos” (last one, then we leave) in reference to one last beer before heading home.


Last night Jorge and I went out with some friends and decided to stop by one last bar, where our buddy Carlos said, “la última y nos vamos”.

Then, this showed up at our table:

There were only 3 people drinking beer.


How to Speak Like a Mexican: Consultar con la Almohada

In English, we have the popular saying “I’m going to sleep on it”, meaning that you’re going to wait until the next day to make a decision.

Mexico has a saying with the same sentiment, but it translates quite differently. Mexicans say, “Voy a consultar con la almohada”, which translates to, “I’m going to consult with my pillow.”

Cute phrase, right?

Suki "consultando con la almohada" ... in this case, my purses.