Sunday Morning Coffee on Paseo de Montejo

Check out the other parts of our weekend in Merida:

Breakfast in the Santa Ana market

A Walk through Merida Centro

Looking Up at Paseo de Montejo’s Mansions

Another Wedding in Merida


Every Sunday morning, Paseo de Montejo in Merida closes off one side to traffic so that residents and visitors can enjoy rollerblading, biking and dog walking along the tree-lined avenue. It really is a beautiful thing to see with tons of kids, adults and doggies going up and down this street, right by the historic mansions.

On our weekend in Merida, Jorge and I spent Sunday morning at a Starbucks on Paseo de Montejo watching the world go by!

Have you been to Merida on a Sunday?

Looking Up at Paseo de Montejo’s Mansions

Check out the other parts of our weekend in Merida:

Breakfast in the Santa Ana market

A Walk through Merida Centro

Another Wedding in Merida

Sunday Morning Coffee on Paseo de Montejo


The Holiday Inn where Jorge and I stayed on our trip to Merida is located on the famous Paseo de Montejo, a tree-lined avenue just north of El Centro. Paseo de Montejo has beautiful monuments, great bars and even a McDonalds, but it’s best known for its historic mansions, mostly from the 19th century. I took pics of a few of them to share with you guys:

The Anthropology Museum

A beautiful blue house located 1 block off Paseo de Montejo

I loved the gate on this house, 2 blocks from Paseo de Montejo

Some of the smaller mansions reminded me of wedding cakes!

A pink mansion with the biggest yard I've ever seen, about 2 blocks off Paseo de Montejo

The twin Camara Houses on Paseo de Montejo

We thought it was strange that many of these homes are now owned by Mexican insurance and cell phone companies! So long as they continue to preserve the mansions, that’s ok with me. πŸ™‚


A Saturday Morning in Merida

I uploaded pics to the Gringation Facebook page all weekend, so my followers are already aware that Jorge and I spent last weekend in the beautiful city of Merida, Yucatan! We went for a wedding, but we also made sure to be as touristy as possible.

Merida is a historic city only 4 hours from Cancun, so it’s easy to spend a weekend there. It’s also where we got married!

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting parts of our Merida weekend here on the blog. (There’s way to much for just 1 post!)


We got to Merida at 10 am on Saturday and immediately went to check in to our hotel, the Holiday Inn. Yes, I realize that the Holiday Inn is a boring choice when you’re in a historic city, but it was right next door to where our friends’ wedding would be that night. Plus it’s right on Paseo de Montejo! Convenient!

The Holiday Inn had hacienda-inspired architecture and lots of modern amenities, although we noticed that a few small details like the elevator, the hallway carpeting and our room’s closet and doors hadn’t been updated in a very long time. Still, it was very nice-looking overall and the bed was amazing. If the bed could fit in our small suitcase, I would have stolen it.

The courtyard view from our top floor balcony


Right after we left our suitcase in the room, we immediately set off in search of Santa Ana market, where we’d eaten once 3 years ago. I knew the general direction, but Jorge was miraculously able to find his way all the way back to the market after all that time! I guess it’s hard to forget such delicious food. Located right by the Santa Ana church, the market has numerous food stands to choose from, but all you have to do is sit down at a table and your waiter will bring whatever you want from the menu. We opted for tortas, tacos, fruit juice and a fruit cocktail, and of course a Coke.

I want to go back already!

Have you eaten at a Mexican market before?


Check out the other parts of our weekend in Merida:

A Walk through Merida Centro

Looking Up at Paseo de Montejo’s Mansions

Another Wedding in Merida

Sunday Morning Coffee on Paseo de Montejo


My Upcoming Mini-Vacations!

I’m super excited about some of the fun trips we have coming up in the second half of 2012! Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be posting about in the months to come:

September, 2012

A day at Hacienda Tres Rios for the Mayan Tibetan Cultural Encounter

A weekend with Jorge in Playa del Carmen


October 2012

A weekend in Merida for our friends' wedding


November 2012

A weekend at the Iberostar Cozumel ... yowza!


December 2012

An entire week back in the USA with these people πŸ™‚ (plus Jorge)

I’m ready for vacation!

What are you most excited about this year? I love hearing what everyone else is doing.


Our One Year Anniversary

Today is our one year wedding anniversary. We’ll be celebrating with a romantic dinner tonight! (I have no idea where, as it’s a surprise)

I’ve finally decided to catch up to technology and insert a slide show of our wedding day. Love you, Jorge!


Call Me Crazy

I came across another dream house online yesterday, and I can’t stop thinking about it! It’s located in Merida.

Ya’ll are gonna think I’m insane, but here are some photos:

If I had money, here’s what I would do:

1. Put in a down payment on the house

2. While saving money to renovate, I’d rent the house out as a site for filming horror movies, because DANG it’s creepy right now

3. Renovate it for a relatively small cost because everything in Merida is cheap (I’m thinking beam ceilings, traditional colorful tiles on all floors, and maybe opening up a few doorways)

4. Move in, or sell it for profit because it has potential to be GORGEOUS. Look at that 2-story room! Beautiful.

It only costs $45,000 US.

*sigh* Someday.

Our Wedding: Professional Photos

Here are the links to all the rest of my wedding-related photos…

Out first visit to check out Hacienda Teya

Hacienda Teya at night (spooky!)

Visiting Hacienda Teya with Mom

Family vacation in Puerto Morelos the week of the wedding

Bachelorette party at Coco Bongo in Cancun

Bridal Shower

Getting ready before the wedding

Wedding bouquets

Ceremony (guest photos)

Reception (guest photos) Part 1 and Part 2

We finally got our professional photos! I tried to scale it down, but there were just so many great shots. Enjoy!

Jorge took about 30 seconds to cry before he could say his vows... then half of the guests broke into tears as well (so I hear).

My sister and dad singing "Rock of Ages"

Jorge's parents placing the "lazo" on us

This was later referred to as Jorge's "quincenera" photo πŸ˜‰

"La Serpiente" a Mexican wedding tradition where all the single ladies form a sort of congo line, going all around the room and under the veil held by the bride and groom

My sister Sarah caught the bouquet! (and Aubrie, the gracious loser)

Another favorite Mexican wedding tradition... the men form a line and get tequila poured down their throat by the groom

My grandpa singing "Cielito Lindo" with my college buddies... Aaaah, weddings πŸ™‚

Grandma and Grandpa dancing to the mariachis with my in-laws

Just Thursday

It’s Just Thursday again! If you want to play along, just click on the icon and link up with Murdock’s Mama.

Outside my window.. sunny, with lots of light cloud coverage. Since we had our daylight savings time change last Sunday, we’ve been able to see beautiful sunsets from my work desk window in the afternoons. I’ll be sure to share some photos as soon as I recharge my camera battery haha
The time is..9:36
Today I feel..happy because one of my best friends/coworkers just came back from a 2-week vacation.
I am thinking..that my eyes are really itchy. Stupid allergies.
At the moment, I am thankful..for our professional wedding photos! Just got them Monday night πŸ™‚ Here’s a little preview…
I am going.. to work really hard this month to make money for Christmas.
I am work uniform.
I wish.. I had curtains in my living room. I feel bad for the neighbors who have to stair into my empty living room every time they walk by.
I am reading.. They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie
I am working on.. more revisions and translations at work… boring.
I am hoping.. to keep losing weight!! (although I guess I won’t really know until I get a scale… but do I really want to obsess over pounds? I dunno.)
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I saw the women’s US soccer team play a game in Cancun last Saturday! Not a lot of people there, so we got to sit front and center for only 50 pesos πŸ™‚
One of my favorite.. drinks is hot chocolate!
Weekend Plans.. as usual, I have no idea until the weekend is already upon me haha. Tonight I’m getting together for drinks with 2 other expats, though! Excited πŸ™‚


My Mexican Wedding Reception Part 2

Ceremony photos are here, and Reception part 1 photos are here. Enjoy!

Noelle teaching Daddy to take a tequila shot. He drank half of it, then said, "WHAT? You're supposed to drink the whole thing?"

My friend Fumiko πŸ™‚ Loooove the kimono!

Jorge with his hands on my legs

Salsa dancing with Grandpa πŸ™‚

My best friend Zareth flew in from Toluca for the wedding!! We usually don't like to stand next to eachother because she feels really short and I feel like a giant... in this picture, she's wearing heels and I'm wearing flats, to give you an idea haha

Cousin Naivi teaching flower girl Mirle to dance πŸ™‚

Mexican tradition... Bride and Groom stand on chairs with a veil between them. All the single girls form a line and dance around the room, always going under the veil when they pass by. This is followed by throwing the bouquet.

Sister Sarah caught the bouquet!

Another Mexican tradition... the single men form a line while the groom pours tequila down their throats. Gotta love Mexico!

And my fave picture…

Me ringing the hacienda's bells with my sister Noelle πŸ™‚

Mexican Wedding Reception Part 1

Β Here they are finally! Pics of our wedding reception at Hacienda Teya in Merida.

**Check here for pics from the ceremony!**

I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVED this cake!

Me and my cousins!

first dance πŸ™‚

First dance with my parents

First dance with Jorge's parents

Mariachi band!!

Crowning moment of the evening... Grandma and Grandpa belting Cielito Lindo with my Mexican college buddies. Mariachi music brings everyone together πŸ™‚

Me with my sisters... oreo!

I got this far until WordPress stopped letting me upload pictures again… more to come… eventually! haha