Another Wedding in Merida

Check out the other parts of our weekend in Merida:

Breakfast in the Santa Ana market

A Walk through Merida Centro

Looking Up at Paseo de Montejo’s Mansions

Sunday Morning Coffee on Paseo de Montejo


The main purpose of our recent trip to Merida was for the wedding of our friends Raul and Andrea. They were married at Santa Lucia church in Merida’s Centro, and the reception was at the Fiesta Americana Merida. Sorry I don’t have more pics, but we were pretty busy eating and dancing!

Rest assured that the reception had all the traditions of a Mexican wedding… the single ladies snake train, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, throwing the groom in the air and taking all the groom’s clothes off in the men’s room (Not kidding. I have to write a special blog post on that one!)

Another important Mexican tradition is the “recalentado” (roughly translating to “the reheating”, like you’re getting the party fired up again), which is a party you throw the afternoon AFTER a big party. Usually it’s a casual affair with some beers and tacos. Andrea and Raul’s “recalentado” had two comedians, salsa dancing and two cakes. Lots of fun!

Have you ever been to a Mexican wedding?

Wedding Plans: Another Visit to Hacienda Teya

Mommy’s visit was very productive! I went with her, fiance and my future in-laws to Merida to sign contracts with some vendors, to do a trial run for my hairstyle (yay!) and to visit the hacienda to do a food tasting and pick table settings. It was a busy (and hot) day, but we got everything done we wanted to and then some.

I can’t show you pictures of everything (have to maintain some mystery up until the wedding), but I’ll distract you with beautiful pictures of the hacienda.

Mommy at the hacienda's restaurant (I want those tiles!)


There was an event going on while we were there... can we do THIS at our wedding?


Mommy and me checking out one of the bedrooms

Me & Jorge

Me & Mommy

Mis Suegros