Looking Up at Paseo de Montejo’s Mansions

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The Holiday Inn where Jorge and I stayed on our trip to Merida is located on the famous Paseo de Montejo, a tree-lined avenue just north of El Centro. Paseo de Montejo has beautiful monuments, great bars and even a McDonalds, but it’s best known for its historic mansions, mostly from the 19th century. I took pics of a few of them to share with you guys:

The Anthropology Museum

A beautiful blue house located 1 block off Paseo de Montejo

I loved the gate on this house, 2 blocks from Paseo de Montejo

Some of the smaller mansions reminded me of wedding cakes!

A pink mansion with the biggest yard I've ever seen, about 2 blocks off Paseo de Montejo

The twin Camara Houses on Paseo de Montejo

We thought it was strange that many of these homes are now owned by Mexican insurance and cell phone companies! So long as they continue to preserve the mansions, that’s ok with me. 🙂