Reader Photo Request: The Poodles

For today’s Reader Photo Request, I’m posting photos of my dogs after a day of being crazy poodles (as requested by Krysten at Why Girls Are Weird).

For my newer readers, I have 3 dogs, all girls. They’re mostly poodles with a little bit of maltese. Suki and Dolly (the white dogs) are sisters, while Konan (the black dog) is their niece. They are all descended from my in-laws’ dog Sisi. Dolly used to belong to my in-laws, but we took her in when my mother-in-law was no longer able to have 2 dogs in the house due to minor health issues.

It’s typical in Mexico to breed your own dogs at home, which is obviously how we got ours in the first place. However, after seeing through my in-laws and some other friends how hard it is to find a good, responsible home for a puppy, I wouldn’t advocate home breeding. All of our pups were fixed about 2 years ago; it’s the most common choice back in the USA, but it was considered a controversial choice among our Mexican friends and family.

Since my dogs are absolutely insane, it’s really hard to get a non-blurry picture of them. Last night I tried to get pics of them while we were all relaxing on the couch and watching the Kardashians together, but it was unsuccessful.

Here they are anyway, blurriness and all. Much to my surprise, Konan was the best poser!



Me and Konan


There we go...

Suki and Dolly sleeping while Konan is being obnoxious... pretty typical behavior all around

Konan and Dolly

Konan and Dolly


I love these girls… even if they won’t sit still for a picture.

So Adorable I Can't Stand It

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Chabihau and Yobain was getting to see some newborn puppies! Jorge’s cousins have 3 dogs, and 2 of them had puppies together (again). They just so happen to be the brothers and sisters of my dog, Konan.

They’re 75% French poodle and 25% Maltese.

Prepare yourselves for cuteness…

And no, I didn’t take any home. 3 dogs is more than enough for me, thanks!