Sofa Shopping in Cancun

Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but last Saturday (9 days ago) I won about $350 US playing the slot machines at a Cancun casino… not bad considering I only played $15!!

With that money, plus some money my grandparents had given us at the wedding in July, plus some extra cash I didn’t know I had in my debit account, Jorge and I decided to go ahead and buy a living room set.

This weekend, we went to a lot of local furniture stores to see what we could find.

Shopping for a couch in Cancun is not an easy task. I would say Cancun couches can be divided into five categories:

1. Rattan couches that can be kinda pretty, but the hard armrests make them uncomfortable for lounging. These can also be surprisingly expensive! If I had a sunroom or formal living room, I’d totally buy them… but not for watching TV.

2. Muebles Rusticos Any expat in Mexico who’s worth their salt knows what “rustic furniture” is… large, handmade wood furnishings, often with wrought iron details and unique carvings. Beautiful for dining room furniture, bedroom sets and cabinets, but it has a hard time translating well to living room furniture. It can be done well, but it’s never very comfortable. Very well-priced, and usually paired with brightly-colored patterns on the cushions.

3. Grandma furniture Decent lines, usually pretty comfortable, fairly inexpensive… but kinda horrendous. Hard to believe stores still sell these.

4. Chic and modern, but hard as a rock These couches look sleek, contemporary and attractive… but when you sit on them, they don’t give. At all. Usually harder than the muebles rusticos, to be honest. Very well priced, but I wouldn’t ever use them. That being said, they’re probably the most popular in Cancun right now. Usually made of leather or vinyl.

5. Modern yet cozy Something you can really sink into. These are usually found in higher-end department stores, and can cost quite a lot of money.

If you can find #5 at an inexpensive price, BUY IT. This is the Holy Grail of Mexican furniture.

Here’s what we ended up getting:

A friend of ours is selling us his 1-year-old living room set… modern, cute, and the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat on.

A little large and overstuffed for my taste, but with 5 reclining seats at $9,000 pesos (about $700 US), I ain’t complainin!

The living room set comes with a couch for 3 (with 2 recliners), a loveseat (with 2 recliners) and an individual recliner.

So whenever you wanna watch TV and eat some popcorn… come on over to our house! Although you’ll probably fall asleep within the first 5 minutes…

Just Thursday

Oh my goodness! Is it really Just Thursday again? If you want to play along, make sure to link up at Murdock’s Mama! (just click the button)

Outside my window.. sunny! Finally! We’ve had some nasty looking grayness from Hurricane Paula the last few days. Welcome back, sunshine!

The time is.. 9:21 am
Today I feel.. ready to work! but still a bit sick. I’ve moved on from congestion and snot into the hacking cough phase. That means the end is near! Woohoo!
I am thinking.. that my keyboard is REALLY dirty and I have no idea how to clean it.
At the moment, I am thankful.. for a great family weekend in Vegas, and for a new brother-in-law.
I am going.. to Jorge’s soccer match tonight.
I am wearing.. my work uniform. Blaaaaaaaah
I wish.. I had living room furniture. All in good time, I guess! I want it to look like this some day (stolen from Nikki at Que Sera Sera way back in April!). Loooove those navy striped curtains!
I am reading.. They Came to Baghdad by Agatha Christie (I gave up on Book of the Dead… it got kinda boring and annoying.)
I am working on.. some translations at work.
I am hoping.. for world peace.
I am hearing.. general office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I got Jergen’s Natural Glow Gradual Tanner on my trip to Vegas! Beautiful, moisturized, sunkissed, glowing skin will soon be mine!

This will be me in a week.

One of my favorite.. things is Kleenex ColdCare tissues. You have saved my nose!
Weekend Plans.. nothing yet! My weekend plans aren’t usually as detailed as Abby’s because here in Mexico we usually play it by ear 🙂