My Cancun Mailbox

Growing up in the suburbs of Virginia, I remember every house had its own mailbox set right on the street, next to the driveway. Each mailbox had a little red flag that you would put up to alert the mailman/lady that you had put something in there to mail. The mailman/lady drove by every day in a cute little van and placed our letters, bills and catalogues neatly inside the mailbox, where it was safely tucked away from the elements.

Here in Cancun? Not so much. Even when mail does reach our house (which can take months), there is nothing resembling a mailbox to put the mail in. So… we cancunenses have to be more resourceful. Every house here has a front gate or, at the very least, bars on the windows or front door. Since these bars are decorative, there’s always a place for mail.

Here’s an American Express card advertisement found in my “mailbox” this morning:

I could buy little black boxes that say “correo” to hang up outside the house, but I get a feeling the postman would ignore it anyway. 🙂