Stay Away! This House is MINE

Eeek! I’ve been playing phone/e-mail tag with the lady who’s trying to rent the house since last night, and we just couldn’t get a hold of eachother. She just called me to make sure if I wanted the house or not, because she’s supposed to show it to some one else. NOOOO!

Luckily, since she saw I’d tried calling her last night, and I told her definitely yes and we’re willing to sign a contract as soon as the owner is, she said she’d tell the other people that they had already rented it. *Phew*

Also, I broke a record for page visits today! 236 and counting, baby!

And just in case you didn’t see this coming:

Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up

I told ya… you should have picked Tenley.

Our New House (For Real, This Time)

Ok, ya’ll guessed it. After seeing the house twice, we decided to go with the second house. Soooo that means I can show you more pictures!! Yay!

Here's the front! I love the tree that spreads out along the upper bars. I think we're gonna plant a climbing bugambilia tree on the other side and see how they get along.

The living room. A little small, so we're not sure if we're gonna try to put a dining set in there. I think we like the idea of having an outdoor table and chairs for the front patio. Love the big window! Now we just need a big curtain to go over it. And some ceiling fans.

Another view of the living room. We have STAIRS!! Oh stairs, it's been so long since we last lived together. I really wanna knock down the wall dividing the living room from the kitchen and make it a bar/countertop. Maybe someday.

It’s not a huge kitchen, but it’s a lot prettier than any other kitchen I’ve had in Cancun so far. Some cute shelves oughtta cheer up that bare wall. It has a STOVE! and an OVEN!!!!!

The downstairs hallway. Kitchen is on the left. On the right is the pantry (!!!), then the full bathroom with shower (!!!), and at the end a bonus room. I'm thinkin laundry room. I plan on having a washer-dryer for the first time... ever! No more dragging the laundry basket to the laundromat, no more line drying for this gringa! It looks like the backyard has grass... it's actually all sand-colored gravel, and the tall grass grows in if you don't cut it, apparently.

The main bedroom upstairs. The second bedroom is a little smaller, and has the same closet. There's also a similar linen closet in the hallway. LINEN. CLOSET. This is luxury, folks.

The upstairs bathroom. It's actually decent! (The downstairs bathroom looks much the same.)

So anyway, I think it’s definitely a step up from the first house we saw. I will miss the domed ceiling, though. 🙁

The Rival House Has Seduced Me

The owner of the “rival house” called my today to let me know that if I had time, I could come see it today instead of waiting til Monday. Obviously I jumped at the chance. (I feel like I’m cheating on the original house.)

It was AWESOME. Just like it looked in the pictures online… tons of natural light, spacious rooms, lots of large closets including shelves and drawers, a pantry (who in Cancun has a pantry???? Just me!), much more outdoor space, plenty of plants and flowers… *sigh*.

The neighborhood is also awesome. Very safe, a few security stands, and a park on every corner. That’s not an exageration. I’m speaking quite literally. Every corner has a spacious GREEN park (most “parks” in Cancun are concrete… LAME), filled with palm trees and shade and grass and benches and paths… *double sigh*

It’s a little further from downtown, and it’s kinda in a newer area. A year ago I would never have considered living so far out, but now that Cancun is growing so much, there’s tons of stuff around there now. There’s even a bus route that goes directly to Jorge’s university!! It’s also super close to my work. I’m also going to be walking distance from 3 of my best friends.

The house is also for sale, if we like, because the owner is moving to the States soon. We can’t buy it now, but in a year or so it could be an option if we decide to stay in Cancun long term.

For me, it’s a yes. Jorge’s going to see it when he gets back to Cancun on Monday. I think he’s gonna love it!

My Fiance’s Going to Kill Me…

Remember how I said we’d already reserved a house to rent?

Well, I just couldn’t control myself and I had to go snooping around online to make sure there wasn’t anything better before we signed the contract. And I found a semi-dream house, for the same inexpensive price as the other one. It just became available yesterday.

This one is better because it has grass in the backyard, it includes a stove/oven, it has lots of planters in the front, it’s 2 stories, it has much more natural light, it has 2 bathrooms, and the floors aren’t hideously ugly.

Negatives: There’s no air conditioning (but I’ve lived without AC here for 5 years) the bedroom isn’t as big, the bathroom has no cabinets and the location isn’t quite as good. (Still a decent location, but not as central as the original.)

Here’s a sneak peek (not sure if I’m allowed to do this… you won’t tell, right?)

Dang it dang it dang it! Why did I have to look online?

I just sent a text to the fiance asking what I should do. He’s going to be frustrated… haha.

*Update: The fiance’s text message reply (he’s in Merida this weekend) was “Where is that neighborhood? I don’t know honey, if you like it more than the other house and it’s the same price then that’s fine. But you’re going to be the one to tell the owner of the first house. Make sure it’s close to a street where we can get buses and taxis.” Not very enthusiastic, but… It’s a go! We’re gonna visit the house Monday evening. I’m so glad the fiance puts up with all my craziness.*

Renting a House in Cancun: Show it to Me!

For Show Me Your… , Brooke from Livin La Vida Garcia asked to see a room in my house. Well Brooke, I’ll do ya one better…

Yesterday we found a new house to rent!! Yay!! It’s situated right on the same street where I live now, so moving should be a piece of cake.

The layout is actually exactly the same as my current house, except it has a few extras, like closets, kitchen cabinets and air conditioning. The only drawback is that it has the same hideous floors as my current house. I’ve never seen such ugly floors in my life. (Although they’re great for hiding dirt…)

It’s not the prettiest house I’ve seen, but it should be quite comfortable for Jorge, me and the puppies. The master bedroom in particular is pretty cool. I think with a little paint and a little love it will be quite cute. 🙂 It’s got potential.

Here's the front, which I think we'll end up painting pale yellow or something because the color's a little faded at the moment. Unlike my current house, it has a gate!!! No grass, though. Still, it should be a nice place to sit and chat in the evenings with Jorge, or to have friends over. (On my street, people love to have patio parties on Fridays.)

Inside the front patio. There's a planter for a bugambilia tree or something!!! Hurrah! Success!

beams over the front patio. The owner's gonna clean them up a bit, and we're gonna try to get some climbing plants all over them. (There are some gorgeous climbers around here with huge yellow flowers.)

The living room. A bit depressing, but we'll figure something out. WHY CAN'T I GET AWAY FROM THESE AWFUL FLOORS???

Kitchen... same as my current one, but with prettier countertops and this one actually has cabinets! No more storage bins for this gringa.

Bathroom... the owner is planning on turning the sad sink into a vanity before we move in. I hope it happens. This one has doors!! My current shower is a curtain rod held up by a wire, with a flimsy curtain.

There's a cabinet above the toilet!!! No more cleaning products stuffed under the tank. 🙂 It looks a little sad though... maybe a little paint and some new handles?

Front bedroom. In my current house, this is the same room I have, except mine has no closet doors. Just an empty space and a bar. At the new house, this room will be Jorge's Nintendo room. (He's excited.)

The back bedroom. At my current house, it's just the front part of what you see here. The owners of this house have added on the back room. I think we're gonna use the first part as a dressing area, and the back part as the bedroom itself.

Closet doors and entrance in the "dressing area". I haven't had closet doors in 5 years. This is exciting.

Shelves in the dressing room! and storage space!! I haven't had shelves or storage in 5 years!

Peeking into the bedroom from the dressing room. A bit of lower tile missing, but the bed should cover that up.

Inside the bedroom. A domed ceiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and an air conditioning unit! Oh, the simple joys in life. (Negative: The window looks out onto the boring patio. We'll have to put some potted plants out there or something.)

The back patio, leading out from the kitchen. BLAAAAAAAH. Dog-friendly suggestions for sprucing it up are welcome!

Well, there it is. If you wanna know what my current house looks like… just imagine a completely stripped-down version of that. Like… this house, with just the walls and the disgusting floors.

Renting a House in Cancun

I had another post all done and posted, but I needed to talk a bit about this today. (Sorry to my subscribers who are getting multiple e-mails!)

Since Jorge and I are getting married in July, we’re looking for a new house to rent. We have found two AWESOME options, both of which are near the upper end of our rent budget, at $6,000 pesos a month.

Here are the pros and cons of each house:

House Number 1
-Great kitchen with lots of cabinets, and a stove/oven already included (most kitchens in Cancun come with no cabinets… no lie)
-Very spacious living room
-A/C in living room and 2 bedrooms
-Has 2 bathrooms (not like we need 2, but still, pretty cool)
-Bathrooms are in awesome condition
-Great lighting fixtures throughout the house
-separate dining area
-full closets in both bedrooms (hard to find in Cancun)
-perfect location, walking distance to 3 supermarkets and 2 malls and a large park
-lots of bus routes passing nearby

-tiny bedrooms
-no garden
-tiny back patio, with no grass
-no window in the master bedroom

House Number Two
-amazing kitchen. Seriously. You have no idea. Looks like a rich person’s kitchen.
-same goes for the bathroom…amazing
-large front and back yard, with lots of grass areas (important for dogs and gardening), plus a nice tiled area in the backyard for small parties
-best closet I’ve ever seen in my life in the master bedroom, plus a full closet in the 2nd bedroom
-A/C in both bedrooms and kitchen
-lots of natural light
-private neighborhood with security
-lots of families living on the same street… kids playing and stuff, very charming
-a 15-minute walk from 2 of my best friends’ houses

-good location, but a 10-minute walk from the main road (I need to grab taxis every day) I don’t mind the walk, but closer is always nicer, I guess.
-no bus routes nearby
-house is missing a few details… some handles on kitchen drawers, 2 lighting fixtures are just holes in the ceiling, the ceiling fan in the master bedroom is about to fall out I think, the outside is in desperate need of a paint job… no biggie, but not cool for the price they’re asking. Since the owner lives in Merida, we’re not sure she’d be willing to pay to fix these details. (We talked with her sister, not with the owner)

I think we’d prefer the second house. Jorge loved the awesome, tricked-out kitchen, and I was excited about the backyard garden and tiled patio for gardening and for my dogs. We both liked the fact that the neighborhood was private and had security, plus it seems to be all families.

Problem is, we can’t move into either until beginning of July. With all the wedding expenses, it’s just not in our budget to pay that extra month of rent (June). We might be able to, but it would be really REALLY tight.

Plus, I’d be living by myself until the wedding, so that’s almost 2 months of living alone. 🙁

I already missed an opportunity by waiting out an awesome apartment a few months ago to save money, and I don’t want the same thing to happen here! The house we want has been for rent since January, I think, so it’s unlikely someone will snatch it up… but still, ya never know!

What I might try is offering to go ahead and pay the deposit and sign the contract now, but ask for the contract to start July 1. That way we won’t pay June, but the owner can see that we really are planning on sticking around. Since it’s been on the market since January, she may be desperate. 🙂 I might even see if she’ll go down to $5,000 a month, but I’m such a wuss sometimes that I’m no good at bargaining. Neither is Jorge. We’re such pushovers.

Sorry to go on for so long. I just needed to get all my thoughts out there, I guess. Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. 🙂

What to do? Being a grownup is hard. Gotta decide by tonight. Advice is welcome.