Reader Photo Requests: Outside My Front Door

Moving along with Reader Photo Requests: My follower and Facebook friend Joe asked me to post the first thing I see when I walk out my front door every morning.

I love my front patio. It’s the main reason we plan to continue renting our current house for a long time. Even my neighbor across the street has a plant-filled yard, so from my living room I can look out the front window and pretend we live in a garden fairyland. Cancun is a city known for its teeny-tiny front and back patios, most of which are all concrete, so we’re very lucky to actually have a backyard and front planters where we can practice our gardening.

I will be posting updated patio photos soon because I got several house tour requests, so hang tight for awhile and you’ll see how it has grown.

Every morning, I walk out my front door and stop to check on the progress of my orchid tree before I walk out the front gate. We bought this tree last year thinking it was just a plant until blog reader Pauline informed me that it was, in fact, a tree. We have left it in our front patio planter ever since, but the plan was always to take down the tree in the backyard and replace it with the orchid tree. On Saturday we had the last of the old tree trunk removed from the backyard, but since our gardener put in some serious weed killer, we’re going to wait a week or two before transplanting the orchid tree into its place of honor in the backyard.

For now the orchid tree looks a bit out of place and the planter is overcrowded, but that will all change soon.

Here it is in the early morning light. I love the specks of light coming through our copa de oro tree.

The flowers on this tree are absolutely gorgeous, and they seem to bloom year-round here in the tropics. They grow in bunches. When 1 bunch has died out, there are always several new ones to take its place.

Our little orchid tree is a fighter! Our landlords came to paint the front of the house a few months ago, and they moved a few plants around while they were here. For some reason, the landlord actually cut the entire plant down to its roots. Jorge asked him why he did that and he couldn’t really answer… weird… so anyway we’re really glad that the orchid tree has come back in full force so quickly!

What’s your favorite flower?

Our Wedding: Professional Photos

Here are the links to all the rest of my wedding-related photos…

Out first visit to check out Hacienda Teya

Hacienda Teya at night (spooky!)

Visiting Hacienda Teya with Mom

Family vacation in Puerto Morelos the week of the wedding

Bachelorette party at Coco Bongo in Cancun

Bridal Shower

Getting ready before the wedding

Wedding bouquets

Ceremony (guest photos)

Reception (guest photos) Part 1 and Part 2

We finally got our professional photos! I tried to scale it down, but there were just so many great shots. Enjoy!

Jorge took about 30 seconds to cry before he could say his vows... then half of the guests broke into tears as well (so I hear).

My sister and dad singing "Rock of Ages"

Jorge's parents placing the "lazo" on us

This was later referred to as Jorge's "quincenera" photo 😉

"La Serpiente" a Mexican wedding tradition where all the single ladies form a sort of congo line, going all around the room and under the veil held by the bride and groom

My sister Sarah caught the bouquet! (and Aubrie, the gracious loser)

Another favorite Mexican wedding tradition... the men form a line and get tequila poured down their throat by the groom

My grandpa singing "Cielito Lindo" with my college buddies... Aaaah, weddings 🙂

Grandma and Grandpa dancing to the mariachis with my in-laws