El Pescado Ciego

Friday night, I got to try a restaurant I’ve been curious to check out for months now.

I met up with my friend Nadia and her boyfriend’s cousin Jorge (yes, another Jorge… there are many) at El Pescado Ciego, a small seafood restaurant on Avenida Nader in downtown Cancun. I was trying not to spend too much so we’d have money to go to Isla Mujeres on Sunday, so I ordered the cheapest things on the menu. It was the best decision I could have made because the result was delicious!

The atmosphere was beautiful, with a palapa out front and fun yet elegant decor inside. It had the same “upscale Caribbean hippie” vibe (I made that up) that many other bars and restaurants on Avenida Nader are known to have. I found the ambiance to be quite romantic, but I was surprised to see that almost every table was groups of friends, not couples.

(Please forgive the poor picture quality. El Pescado Ciego has very “romantic” lighting.)

To start, churritos with cream cheese dip. If I weren't on a diet, these would have been gone in 5 minutes.

They also gave us these shots of seafood soup. It was good, but not as flavorful as the shrimp soup at Muellecito (a post for another day).

My lobster quesadillas with mango sauce, a new favorite!

My "Dragonfly" Taco (fried shrimp): very good, but the sauce was a little overpowering

Jorge's Catch of the Day: very garlic-y, but that's how I like it

Nadia's tuna: I hate tuna so I didn't try it, but Jorge and Nadia gave it rave reviews.

Nadia, Jorge and me! Why do I look so frightened in this photo?

Overall, everything that we had was very tasty, but the only dishes that really stood out to me were the churritos and the lobster quesadilla. (Granted, I have very simple tastes.) I will be back for those!