You Know You’ve Been Living in Mexico Too Long When…

Yesterday morning as I went downstairs to make breakfast, I noticed a few signs that made me realize just how Mexican I’ve become:

1. I heard the neighbor’s rooster crowing in the distance

2. I saw a pan full of leftover refried beans on the stove


I think I’m turning into my mother-in-law.

My Upcoming Mini-Vacations!

I’m super excited about some of the fun trips we have coming up in the second half of 2012! Here’s a little preview of what I’ll be posting about in the months to come:

September, 2012

A day at Hacienda Tres Rios for the Mayan Tibetan Cultural Encounter

A weekend with Jorge in Playa del Carmen


October 2012

A weekend in Merida for our friends' wedding


November 2012

A weekend at the Iberostar Cozumel ... yowza!


December 2012

An entire week back in the USA with these people 🙂 (plus Jorge)

I’m ready for vacation!

What are you most excited about this year? I love hearing what everyone else is doing.


Should Immigrants Learn the Language?

**Note: When writing this post, I struggled with accuracy between terms like immigrant, expat, American, English-speaking, native English-speaking, Mexican, hispanic, etc etc etc. I did my best with the terminology considering that different definitions exist for many of these, so please bear with me.**

You know how in the USA, many Americans complain when hispanic immigrants don’t bother to learn English?

Turns out… Americans aren’t much better!

Over the past few years in Cancun, I’ve spent more time with local English-speaking (American/Canadian/British/Australian/etc) expats, and the fact that many of them do not bother to learn Spanish is a popular topic in the expat community. In my time in Cancun, I’ve known 5 English-speaking expats who learned fluent Spanish, myself included. A select few speak somewhat advanced Spanish, while most speak light conversational Spanish or just a few key words.

"Hola Jorge. Mucho gusto."

Personally, this isn’t something that bothers me. I feel like many immigrants tend to gravitate toward their own culture when they move to a new country, so whether it’s Mexicans in the US or Americans in Mexico, there’s often no need to learn the host language. In Cancun, almost all of the locals speak excellent English anyway.

It’s also interesting to me that while many Americans are angered by immigrants not learning English, Mexicans (at least the Cancun locals) really don’t seem to care whether immigrants to their country learn Spanish or not. On the contrary, most of my Mexican friends are more than happy to practice their English!

I’m not really trying to make any points here, to be honest. I just find it interesting that the whole “not learning the host language” is not exclusive to one culture.

Puppy Love

I haven’t done many posts about the dogs lately because it’s hard to get pictures of them (unless they look like this). They’re always on the move! Last night Suki (Dog #1) found a new favorite spot and I was finally able to take a photo.

Seconds later, Konan (Dog #3) fell/rolled off the couch and the moment was ruined. Gosh, I love them.


Jorge vs. The Flying Cockroach

So last night I was calmly watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I saw Konan staring at a black critter making its way up the staircase wall. I thought “Oh, the black lizard from the front patio must have ventured indoors!” Then, I noticed it had somehow gotten way up on the bannister right by my head, and it was a GIANT COCKROACH.

I gave a girly scream and rushed out of my recliner, twisting my toe on the way. I took shelter on the chair across the room, half watching TV and half keeping my eye on the roach. After a good 20 minutes of wiggling his antennae, I suddenly realized he wasn’t on the bannister anymore. I ran to the middle of the living room and, letting out a stream of profanities, looked around the room to find him.

He was right behind my chair and walking across the ceiling, in true Spiderman fashion. This is when I took shelter in the hallway.

He then disappeared again, and it took me quite awhile to find him from my post cowering in the hall. Turns out… he had mastered the art of camoflage.

At this point I retreated to the kitchen, only peeking out from time to time to check the cockroach’s position and make sure he wasn’t plotting my demise. I considered using the can of Raid, but any mexpat knows that cockroaches are only angered by bug spray.

I waited a full hour for Jorge to come home. He asked me, “Where’s the roach killer Raid?”

“The cleaning lady used up the last of it last week. All we have is the garden Raid,” I replied.

“Are you kidding? He’s going to laugh in my face when he sees that! Give my your flip flop.”

Armed with the garden spray in his right hand and my flip flop in his left, Jorge approached the curtain and sprayed the roach to get it out of his hiding spot. With one swift motion of his left arm, the flying roach was defeated with a fatal chancletazo.

Something tells me he still lives, somewhere in the depths of our garbage bin.

Who kills the bugs in your house?

Update On Our Life

I often post on big events like weekend trips and my family coming to visit, but it’s been awhile since I’ve updated you guys on the day-to-day here in Cancun. Here goes:

  • Life at the office is pretty good, but also pretty boring. Overall, can’t complain!
  • Jorge was changed to the evening shift this week, so I will hardly see him at all. 🙁
  • On the bright side, Jorge’s day off was switched to Sunday, so we’ll have the whole day together! I’m thinking day trip to Isla Mujeres.
  • This weekend we bought a second-hand (but unopened!) copy of Zelda: Twilight Princess. SCORE. We also play a lot of Lego Harry Potter together. We’re so romantic. Sometime I need to post pics of Jorge’s impressive, yet incomplete, Nintendo console collection.
  • On Saturday, our gardener Tony stopped by to cut down the horrible tree in our backyard. (Gardeners in Mexico just kind of wander around the streets looking for business. Very handy!) The tree looked beautiful, but it left an awful mess. We’re going to replace it with my orchid tree. While cutting the tree down, Tony discovered lots of very very bad bugs and critters, including the dreaded slugs that have started to show up in my house again since rainy season started a few weeks ago. So glad to fumigate the yard and be rid of all those!
  • I cleaned out my closet recently to weed out the things that no longer fit and the things I no longer use. I have several large bags filled with purses, shoes, shirts, jeans, etc that I’ve been selling and giving away to friends. It feels so good to look in your closet and only see things you’re in love with!
  • I’ve gotten to hang out more with my girl friends lately, which makes me happy. Movies, running in the park, coffee, etc. Lots of good times 🙂
  • I went on a ridiculous shopping spree this month to buy most of my new “skinny wardrobe” after losing all that weight (7 pounds to go!) In the next few days, I’ll post pics of some of the stuff I bought… because I’m a girl and that’s what we do.

So tell me:

What’s your favorite Nintendo game?