Reader Photo Requests: Me Dressed As My Blog Art

From my Reader Photo Requests, my good amiga Vanessa asked to see me dressed like my blog art.

Wish granted!

Here's my lovely mini-me, looking fabulous...

And here's me!

The palm tree is a little sad and I’m wearing a t-shirt instead of a bikini top (I have a “no bikini pics on the internet” policy), but I think it’s pretty close! Green print sarong, white bikini, orange hammock bag, gold hoop earrings… all I’m missing is the wind in my hair, a cocktail, and a flower behind my ear.

Thanks to Jorge for taking “beach” pictures of me at 11 pm. Love you!

An Announcement!

This little blog continues to grow thanks to friends, family, fans and loyal readers.

I have so much to share with you all that this blog is no longer big enough to hold everything that my big mouth has to say. So… I’m proud to announce the new Gringation’s Cancun Blog Facebook page! Here, I’ll be sharing little tidbits, posting beautiful photos (and a few not-so-beautiful photos), sharing links on Cancun news and talking about culture.

The new Facebook page will be a great place for fans to get to know me better, and for me to get to know you better!

And to share our love of Cancun and Mexico, of course.

Like the blog? Click here to like the new Gringation Facebook page!

Hope to see you around!


Gringation’s Blog Updates

Things have been very busy over here in “Gringation-land” over the past few months, and I love it!

Here are a few updates so you can see what’s going on with the blog behind the scenes:


New Website

I have a pretty cool new blog layout, which many of you have asked me about it. No, I did not design it myself. I have absolutely no talent with anything involving colors, design or computers. The setup and layout was all done by my friend Carlos Flores (, and it’s beautiful! Thank you Carlos for such a speedy and attractive setup. (And a special thanks for answering all my stupid questions.)

The amazing blog header was done by Angie of Strosgirl’s Designs. The mini-me in the header looks just like me! I even have the same bikini, sarong, purse and flip flops. Perfect.  It’s gotten so many compliments!



If you look to the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see that there is a new area for blog sponsors. (The “Your Ad Here” buttons were also designed by Angie!)  My very first sponsor is photographer Monica Lopez, whom you may remember as the photographer for our Trash the Dress shoot.

Monica also photographed my cousin Shayne’s wedding in the Riviera Maya this May. Click here for the professional photos!

Monica is also doing several weddings for friends of mine throughout 2012. So exciting! Go ahead and check out her site (Jorge and I are on the main page!!) by clicking her icon in the sponsors section.

If you’re interested in advertising on Gringation’s Blog, you can check out my Sponsors and Advertising page.


Blogging by Gringation That’s Not Here

Lately I’ve been doing more freelance blogging, which I’m very excited about. I’ve already posted a few of these on the blog, but here’s a full list so you can check out some more of my travel writing. Just click on the image to follow through to the link:

A Weekend Getaway in Akumal (on

Cancun As I See It: An American Testimonial (on

Top 5 Tips for Summer Break in Cancun (on

My Whale Shark Tour post was featured on the Dreams Resorts blog!



I now have over 1,000 Twitter followers! Nothing too important there, it’s just kind of exciting. You can follow me at @CancunGringa


It has been so cool to see this little blog grow, grow, grow over the past few months.  Thanks so much to all my long-time readers and my newer readers for all the support, comments and e-mails. I’m passionate about showing the world how much I love Cancun and Mexico, and I’m so glad you all have let me share that with you.