An Expat's Thoughts on Eat Pray Love

**Spoiler alert** If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie yet, I suggest you don’t read this.

I know I’m behind everyone on this, but Mexico often premieres movies a few weeks or even months behind the US. This weekend, we finally had the opportunity to see Eat, Pray, Love.

My thoughts:

-Julia Roberts’ hair looks INCREDIBLE. I’m pretty sure they put the sun directly behind her head in every single shot. I wish I had the ability to stage myself that way at all times.

-I’ve heard that “real-life Liz Gilbert” had other issues behind her divorce that she doesn’t want to discuss in the book/movie, so I won’t judge her. “Movie Liz Gilbert”, however, had no good reason for ending her marriage, and she didn’t even talk to her husband about her concerns so they could try to work things out. She just gave up. I agree with her ex that she is a “quitter”. After she left him, I couldn’t really like her for the rest of the movie.

-The scenery was gorgeous! In all 3 destinations.

-I am using this as the design inspiration for whenever I get the chance to build my own house (pending authorization from Jorge):

-I felt like even though she supposedly went out into the world to find herself, she spent the entire time following the advice of other people. Even in the end, she couldn’t make a decision on her own… she went after hot Brazilian guy only when the medicine man told her to. Seriously? A year of “finding yourself” and you couldn’t make the most basic relationship decision on your own by the end of it? Very disappointing, Liz. If I were single and met Javier Bardem, there would be no question about it!

-I thought it was pretty hilarious when she arrived in Italy and was appalled at the idea of heating water on the stove to bathe, because that’s how I’ve been showering for the last month (our water heater is broken and the weather is getting cooler). It’s actually not bad! I just heat up one pot til it boils and mix it with cold water. It gives me an entire bucket, which is more than enough to get very clean, wash my hair and use some moisturizing body wash. I can’t imagine how much water I’ve been saving, not to mention gas! You don’t realize the things you don’t really need until you have to live without them. Oh, the joys of expat life…

-Despite my frustrations with the main character, I enjoyed the overall idea of the movie, since I myself went abroad 5 years ago to see what else was out there… and I think we all know that went very well for me! The benefits of giving in to another culture and learning from it are indescribable, so I felt I could relate very easily to this film. There were many moments I identified with, like accepting that you won’t have all the comforts of home, crying hysterically because you just don’t get it, and sitting down at a table and realizing you’re surrounded by friends, even though you came here alone.

-If any of you are inspired to travel based on this movie… do it! Seriously, you don’t know what you’re missing. Living abroad is every bit as beautiful, gut-wrenching, challenging, and rewarding as this movie makes it out to be.

My Husband Jorge’s Thoughts:

-(When Richard from Texas was telling his story) “You see! THAT’S a sad story! I don’t know what kind of crap she’s been complaining about.”

-“It feels like they just hired an emo to travel the world, then made a movie about it.”

Ah, yes… nobody says things more poignantly than my husband.

Eat Pray Love… Your Thoughts?

So apparently Eat Pray Love is all the rage now. I haven’t read the book, nor have I seen the movie, so perhaps this is a bit premature.

I have, however, read a few online reviews. Apparently, some people think the main character is a hero. Others think she’s a selfish beeyotch. Here’s what I got out of it:

Apparently the movie is about a woman who decides to travel to foreign countries after her divorce. Along the way, she helps out people in need and finds herself  during her travels. Then she ends up with a hot guy at the end. Doesn’t this sound familiar to anyone?

As a woman who has moved to a foreign country and made it on her own, I certainly understand the appeal. I think everyone should experience other cultures, and God knows I LOVE Under the Tuscan Sun.

Here’s my question, though…

Is our society spreading the message that in order to find happiness you have to be single/divorced?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and I’d love it even more if you proved me wrong. 🙂

Either way, I’m curious and kinda excited to see it!