Puppy Love

I haven’t done many posts about the dogs lately because it’s hard to get pictures of them (unless they look like this). They’re always on the move! Last night Suki (Dog #1) found a new favorite spot and I was finally able to take a photo.

Seconds later, Konan (Dog #3) fell/rolled off the couch and the moment was ruined. Gosh, I love them.


At Least I'll Save on Paper Towels

I feel like the worst dog owner ever!

At my old house, I managed to get Konan housetrained after much frustration and trickery.

Once we moved into the new house, however, she seemed to forget that outside is the place to go.

Three months later… no progress.

I leave the back door open  all day so that the girls can go outside and do their business whenever they want while Jorge and I are gone. Konan still thinks the living room is the best place to go. (Luckily we have no living room furniture and the floor is all tile.)

We’ve tried many methods, and I’d been avoiding using this one for months.

Still, after everyone seemed to recommend it and ensure us it’s not torture… today we began crate training.

I'm sorry!!!

giant dog bone = guilt

The online experts think it’s good for Konan, so… we’ll see.

I still feel awful.

Prayers for Coco the Puppy

*If you are eating, or if it’s right before lunch, DO NOT continue reading!! Just don’t. I know you’re tempted. Stop right now. Just wait until after lunch if you have to. You’ve been warned.*

"Help me!"

Last night Jorge and I went out for an early evening with another couple. They dropped us both off at my house, and five minutes later I heard Coco/La Negra/Frijol/Lila (the nameless puppy) crying a bit from the living room. I figured Suki might be bothering her or something, but I looked over and she seemed just fine, licking herself.

Two minutes later Coco comes running into the room, managing to run forward while curled in a ball. (For all you non-dog owners, this move is usually code for, “I have something stuck to my butt and I hate it!”)

I checked her butt and there was… umm… SOMETHING coming out of it. It looked exactly like a bunch of wet spaghetti noodles stuck together. It was probably about 3 inches long.

My first thought was “PARASITE!” Then, I remembered a story Jorge had told me a few years ago about his friend’s pet hamster. The hamster had something coming out of its butt, so the owner starting pulling it out. It turned out to be intestine (!!!) and the hamster died.

Being the responsible pet owner that I am, I immediately started panicking about intestines falling out of my dog.

Jorge was carrying her around to keep her from licking herself and doing any damage. He asked me to get the vet’s number. I didn’t have it! How LAME is that? I remembered a card for a Cuban-run vet office that a coworker had recommended to me. After Jorge scolded me for not having our normal vet’s number (I know, I know) I found the card for the Cuban vets and called.

Meanwhile, Jorge decided to take pictures of the puppy (I debated on whether or not to post them and decided it’s too gross. Sorry for all you sickos out there who wanted to see haha). At the same time, the spaghetti noodles started to… erm… make their way back in.

The vet gave me the go-ahead to come to his office, which was just 3 minutes from my house.

We have no car, so we called our friends (who had just dropped us off) to see if they could take us. They were there in  5 minutes  (worst 5 minutes EVER… I spent these 5 minutes pacing and trying to find something to do. I brushed my teeth and put on perfume just to have something to do… signs of a truly panicked person.)

We described everything to the vet (by that time the noodles had fully made their way back in and were no longer visible), and Jorge showed him the pictures. He confirmed that it was parasites (not my dog’s intestines falling out, thank goodness), and gave her some medicine to kill them off.

I tried to let Suki and Dolly sleep in my room, and leave Coco out in the living room so that they wouldn’t bother her in case things began to… make their way out during the night. I wanted to leave the door open so I could hear if something was up, so I set up a clever barrier with suitcases to keep her out and the other dogs in.

5 minutes later, Coco’s sitting in the middle of my room. Clever thing silently pushed the suitcases to the side and mozied on in. I put some dog kibble against the suitcases and set her in the living room again. She started to cry. Bless her heart. I’m such a softie, and let her in. She spent the whole night under my bed (her fave spot for sleeping). I woke up about every hour throughout the night, checking to see if she was still there and that she hadn’t had any bowel movements. The night passed with no incidents, so we’ll see what happens today while she’s with Jorge.

She has to go back 2 more evenings for more medicine. I’m going to go ahead and take the other 2 doggies as well so that they can get treated. The vet told us to do this every 3 – 6 months.

Today she is fine. I left her at Jorge’s house so he could keep an eye on her (because things ain’t gonna be pretty for the next few days). She has tons of energy and doesn’t seem to be in any pain whatsoever.

I’m a bit concerned, because supposedly she’d been treated for parasites 2 months ago. The vet suggests it’s probably due to the fact that I have a garden, and she just looooves to play in it. Scary.

So anyway, at least we can take advantage of the situation to take the dogs to the vet a few evenings this week, and see if they’re caught up on their vaccinations and such.

On the bright side, this week she seems to finally recognize me as her owner. She gets excited when she sees me, and likes to follow me around. So, I have now increased my puppy entourage to 3. I got to the bathroom, and 3 dogs wait outside the door. I cook something, and 3 dogs sprawl out on the kitchen floor. I sit on my bed and 3 dogs jump onto my lap (Ok, 2 jump onto my lap, the puppy wags her tail and stands on her hind legs to be let up). Fun stuff 🙂

Please pray for Coco/La Negra/Frijol/Lila!! It looks like she’s gonna be just fine, but it might be a rough week for the poor thing.

"I'm too pretty for this."