Pool Party at the BPM Festival

Earlier in the week, my Brazilian friend Nadia and I had made plans to go to the BPM Festival on Saturday. She’d been the week before and loved it, so it was my turn to experience the excitement.

The BPM Festival was a week-long event with DJs performing at beach clubs and nightclubs every day. We went to Kool Beach Club to see DJs Sharam, Tini Tun and Sander Kleinenberg. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of electronic music, but the atmosphere was killer.

On our drive down to Playa del Carmen, we stopped to pick up another American and another Brazilian, an international group!

We had lunch first (some very expensive but very delicious sushi, ceviche and salads), then made our way to the pool area where the DJ and bar were set up. We met lots of people from all over the world (Germany, Chicago, Israel and tons of Mexican cities) and spent the evening just walking around and hanging out.

Our group of girls (plus some guy whose friend took the picture for us)

 Ok, what was the last concert you went to?