Swimming with Starfish in Cozumel

I’d mentioned on my Facebook page awhile back that I went snorkeling with starfish in Cozumel. Now I FINALLY have the pictures back! I don’t own an underwater camera, so I had to buy one of the big disposible plastic ones. Despite not being able to look through the viewfinder because of my snorkel mask and pretty much randomly aiming the camera in any direction, the pictures turned out surprisingly well!

We went to 3 different snorkel sites that day, but all of these pictures are from El Cielo. El Cielo means “The Sky” and it got its name because it’s covered in starfish. Our guide told us that there are more starfish around March, especially if you snorkel out from the beach. We were further from shore and didn’t see quite as many, but there were more than enough starfish to make it a really cool experience.

I don’t know why, but I’d always imagined that live starfish were soft when they were underwater and only hardened when they dried out. Turns out they’re actually very hard, and surprisingly heavy!

Have you ever held a live starfish before?