A Romantic Christmas Surprise

Jorge and I didn’t buy a tree during our first 2 Christmases as a married couple, mainly because we knew we wouldn’t be home on the 25th because we always travel to the States.

This year, we’d also decided not to buy a Christmas tree and just hang up the usual outdoor lights. On Friday night, however, Jorge came home with a surprise Christmas tree for me. It turns out he’d been hiding tree decorations and lights for the past week!

He had asked me awhile ago what my favorite Christmas colors were, so he got me gold and red. I was so busy at the time when he asked me that I didn’t stop to think why he would ask me that. It was a good surprise.

On Sunday afternoon we finally got the chance to decorate it. It took awhile because one of our series of lights wasn’t working, so we spent several hours going to Cancun grocery stores in search of Christmas lights. (Every single one was sold out… what the heck??) Luckily Jorge’s dad had some extra lights, so by early evening we were good to go!

Apparently Konan thought I was taking a picture of her.

The “presents” (which are actually just empty boxes I wrapped) are there to hide the tree base, which is being propped up by a can of tuna. The tree guy who screwed the tree to the stand apparently didn’t realize it was lopsided. Whoopsie!

With the lights off 🙂

I love walking into my living room to the scent of Christmas tree… even when it’s 85 degrees outside.

What colors did you use on your tree this year?