A Yucatecan Church Dance

Jorge’s parents have been going to the same Catholic church around the corner from their house for years.

This past week, the church celebrated its 25th anniversary, and they spent the whole week partying! I only went to 1 night of celebrations (but I hear there were lots of rockets, dancing and food involved throughout the week), and I got to see the ladies dress in beautiful Yucatecan ternos while they showed traditional regional dances.

(Please forgive the blurriness of the photos! It was nighttime and there was lots of movement.)

There was a taco stand (run by my suegro), a marquesita stand, a live band, a conga line, a dance circle and some salsa music. These church-going folks sure know how to party!

Celebrating Mexico's Bicentennial Part 1

Wednesday night was so much fun!

Jorge and I had a blast celebrating Mexico’s bicentennial independence day with family and friends!

First, we went to Jorge’s parents church around 9 pm, where they had a Mexican show and lots of food. We couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but it sure was a great family party.

The place was packed! (This outdoor patio was where Jorge and I first met, by the way! Right in front of where I'm standing)

There was lots of dancing

Some singing (by my friend Karina!)

Great traditional food

People decked out in their best traditional outfits

Overall, an amazing time!

Check back tomorrow to see what we did for the rest of the evening!! … a last-minute trip to Playa del Carmen 🙂