I’ll Never Be Happy With Normal Food Again

It’s good to have a press pass.

Today I got to go with a bunch of friends to the Gourmet Tasting Village at the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival! And Oh. My. Goodness. We had the best time!

We spent two hours devouring sample sizes of gourmet food created by restaurants, caterers and resorts in the Cancun and Riviera Maya region! Some of it was just “meh”, but most of it was unbelievable. The event also had lots and lots of wine to sample, but our little group was so intently focused on the food that we kinda forgot about the wine. Whoops!

Here are some of my favorite pics… I won’t share all of them because I don’t want to ruin the surprises for anyone who is going to the Gourmet Tasting Village on Sunday.

The Gourmet Tasting Village is still going on Sunday afternoon, March 16 from 2 – 5 pm. (You’ll want to get there at 2 because trust me, you need the full 3 hours.) If you like the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival on Facebook, you can even get passes at 2 for the price of 1!

Buy your tickets here.


The Press Conference that Turned Me Into a Foodie

Amazing things don’t usually happen on Wednesdays… but last Wednesday, something pretty amazing happened to me.

A media friend of mine invited me to a press conference for the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival. Most press conferences are just the event organizers sitting at a table answering press questions and having their picture taken, but this was something else! I showed up to the beautiful Casa Rolandi and was taken to a large table with this view:

And the view from the deck! These are all pictures of the Nichupte Lagoon.

I was soon joined by my friend Kelly (aka Cancun Canuck). Figures the American and the Canadian would be the first to show up. As the rest of the group trickled in, it became clear that this was no ordinary press conference… we had just sat down to a multi-course tasting lunch with the founder and marketing team of the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival!

Along with some other bloggers and “tweeters”, I feasted on course after course while the festival organizers told us all about the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival for 2014. This is the region’s biggest food event, and it’s known for its luxury events, celebrity chefs, wine tastings, and upscale dinners hosted at some of the area’s best hotels and venues. Founder David Amar said, “We strive to showcase the world’s food and wine projects and the stories behind it… Even more than the names, it’s the story behind WHY.”

But back to my lunch! Had I known what I had gotten myself into, I would have brought my trusty Nikon camera. But alas, I’ll have to make due with my cell phone pictures. Here are just a few of the courses we had at Casa Rolandi:

My favorite, the white fish sashimi

Everything you need to make tiny pork tacos

My pork taco creation

Would you believe I have never gotten one of these fancy platters before?

Lamb and sweet potato. Wow.


Just when I thought nothing could beat the sashimi, Casa Rolandi proved me wrong. They brought out the dessert.

I usually go by the rule, “If it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth my time” when it comes to dessert. I was wrong. So wrong. I’m not 100% sure what this is. I believe it’s some kind of large macaroon with a passion fruit or mango ice cream. Either way, it blew my taste buds away.


After that lunch, I felt like a true cuisine connoisseur! It really got me revved up for the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival. The festival’s events will mostly take place in the Cancun area this year (last year they were in the Riviera Maya). It will run March 13 – 16, 2014 with events like celebrity chef cook-offs, wine tastings (as well as mezcal, champagne and whiskey!) with top sommeliers, the Gourmet Tasting Village and a yacht cruise to Isla Mujeres. Their goal is to increase the luxury tourism market in the Cancun – Riviera Maya area with several days of upscale culinary events.

For all the information on the events and guest chefs, stop by the Cancun Riviera Maya Wine and Food Festival website. See you there!