House Tour: Outside


House Tour: Our Room

House Tour: Upstairs

House Tour: Living Room

House Tour: My Bathroom

House Tour: Kitchen and Storage Room


Last but certainly not least is the part of our little Cancun rental house that won me over from the beginning… the outside. When I first saw the house, I fell in love with the climbing tree in the front yard. It’s still my favorite part of the entire place!

Let’s start off with the backyard, shall we?


We still love our new patio and the palm trees are growing nicely, although the grass we had seems to have been a failed endeavor.

The large fan palm is by far my favorite of our palms. I kinda wish I'd only used fan palms since it seems to do so, so well in our backyard.

The back of the house... a hot mess, but that doesn't bother me because we rarely have to look at it. The big duct tape X on the window is probably left over from Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. After Wilma, many Cancun houses still had duct tape Xs that wouldn't come off the windows. (They're put on there to keep the window from shattering in a hurricane)

Love the design in our patio! Dolly and Suki like it, too.

We FINALLY moved our orchid tree from the front planter to the backyard. The flowers and leaves immediately died off (we figured they would), but the branches are still green 3 weeks later, so I think my precious orchid tree is gonna make it! I've been watering it every evening.


Front Yard

(I use the word “yard” loosely)

View from the front door

When the house owners painted the front this bright orange a few months ago, I was less than thrilled. Now, however, I really like it! Very bright, but very cheerful.

Our beautiful copa de oro tree

Love this view ๐Ÿ™‚

Our yellow flowers have gotten pretty wild! I like it. Please excuse our table, we like to eat lunch outdoors sometimes.

House Tour: Our Room

The most asked for thing on my Reader Photo Requests was a tour of my house, so I’ll be posting that all this week! Let’s begin with our room.

This house is our first home, so we’ve been setting up furniture and whatnot slowly but surely. Since we spent so long focusing on the backyard and the living room (which was empty up until last December), we haven’t done much upstairs yet… and that’s reflected in the sad, sad state of our bedroom. Still, there’s lots of potential there! At the same time we don’t want to do too much because, well, we rent.

Also, the sheets are weird-looking because they’re new (from TARGET!!!) and I had just taken them out of the box the night before.

Here goes:

The view from the door. As much as I like the green curtains, they clash with the wall color. We plan to switch them out for bamboo shades and maybe some white sheer curtains soon.

I like this one because you can see part of our flip flop collection strewn about the floor.

No, it's not wonky... the roof just slants. We had some of this paint color left over from painting the living room and used it up here. Love it ๐Ÿ™‚

The view of the top of our beautiful copa de oro tree

My nightstand usually looks like this: water, book, cell phone, perfume and sunscreen

This is the saddest part of the room. I'm (still) in the middle of organizing a lot of our stuff to clear junk out of the bedrooms and move it to the downstairs storage room (more on that later this week). At this point, some of the stuff is still sitting in our room waiting to be organized.

It's really hard to find a good closet in Cancun. We lucked out with wood doors, shelves, drawers and cabinets! Luxury ๐Ÿ™‚

Our dresser always looks like a mess. This is a HUGE improvement from before I started organizing last month, but we've still got a long way to go, baby.

On top of our dresser: some wood bowls from Belize, a flower girl basket and the lazo cross from our wedding, pictures, a borrowed DVD player, a small mirror from my childhood friend Catie, and a few other odds and ends.


Tomorrow we’ll tour the rest of the upstairs!


House Tour: Upstairs

House Tour: Living Room

House Tour: My Bathroom

House Tour: Kitchen and Storage Room

House Tour: Outside

Renting a House in Cancun Part 2

We decided against the first one. It’s a great house for a great price, but it’s just not for us. The patio is too small for our doggies, and the bedrooms are miniscule. Plus, no window in the master bedroom? Really? Everything else was great, and I’m sure someone else will snatch it up quickly.

(before you judge me for passing this up, they were only renting us the ground floor)

Goodbye, beautiful bathrooms:

The second house, which we LOVED, isn’t going to work out, sadly. I mentioned there were a lot of small issues and elements missing. We offered to pay the rent price ($6000 pesos a month) and take care of those things ourselves, so long as the owner took it out of the rent price. The owner hasn’t answered yet, so I’m guessing it’s a no. (or she’s waiting it out to see if she can get another renter by July, which would be a smart move on her end) Anyway, we simply can’t afford to pay 6000 pesos PLUS the cost of fixing everything that needs fixing, so oh well. Such is life. Actually I guess we COULD pay it, but it would be more than we’re looking to pay and quite frankly I’m not gonna pay that much for a house that needs that much work.

She still might answer eventually and say yes. I’m kinda hoping that she’s just waiting it out to see if a better renter comes along. (It’s been 6 months, woman… just accept the offer!)

I’m gonna have to bid farewell to this kitchen:

Beautiful kitchen (and that’s only half of it!) but those clear cabinet doors? Yeah, there’s nothing there. Thought it was glass? You were wrong. Nothing there. Nada. There are also drawers with no handles and no spaces on the sides to grab onto. Not cool.

Goodbye beautiful bathroom with non-functional lights.

Goodbye beautiful closet where I can proudly display my shoes, along with the ugly, almost-falling-out-of-the-ceiling fan!

I certainly won’t miss the front of the house (with a bit of paint and grass, it would actually be quite cute!)

Overall we’d love the house, but we’re just not gonna pay that much for something with so many small issues. We’re cool with fixing them, but we ain’t payin for it. The owner lives in Merida, so I understand she can’t do it herself… but at least help a girl out! (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes…)

Good news: 2 houses are available for rent in my neighborhood!!! One is on my street and looks very cute. The other is right in front of my favorite tree in Cancun!! Both cost $4500 pesos a month. (Lower end of the budget! Hurray! Car soon?) I think I’m gonna call this weekend and set up a time for us to look. I’ll try toย sneak some pics for you guys…