Mayan Ruins in the Cancun Hotel Zone? Yup!

The past few weeks have been ridiculously busy (in the best way). Jorge and I are working a lot and taking lots of little vacations as always, so I have tons of pics to show you guys.

Today I’ll start with a day trip we did 2 weeks ago. It was a Sunday afternoon with not much to do, and I was dying to get out of the house. Naturally, I talked Jorge into taking me out into the sunshine to visit some Mayan ruins in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.


Yes, that’s a giant Cancun resort in the background. (The Iberostar)

Not many tourists know that we have a pretty big Mayan ruins site right here in the Hotel Zone. I asked Jorge why nobody ever came to Ruinas del Rey (took me 8 years to do it!) when it’s right here, really pretty and so cheap. In all his wisdom, Jorge told me that it’s probably because no tour company can sell it because you can just take a 5-minute bus ride, so nobody advertises it.

Well, here’s us advertising Ruinas del Rey!



We only saw maybe 5 other little groups while we were there… but what Ruinas del Rey doesn’t have in people, it makes up for in iguanas.

So. Many. Iguanas.


Ruinas del Rey is 500 meters long (about 1/3 mile), so there’s quite a bit to explore. I had always figured it would be a small site, but I was wrong!


Have any of you guys been to Ruinas del Rey yet?