Jorge Lives It Up at Cancun’s SoyCerveza Beer Fest

Last Friday and Saturday, The City Beach Club in the Cancun Hotel Zone hosted SoyCerveza, an international beer festival on the beach. (For my non-Spanish speaking amigos, “SoyCerveza” translates to “I Am Beer”… not “Beer Made with Soy” haha)

There was a reggae band, a DJ and a cool lounge atmosphere in the evening. We stayed til 1 am, and the party was still going strong! Entrance bracelets were free, but to try beer you we had to purchase a tall glass for $50 pesos. Beer could be purchased in a sample amount (20 pesos and up) or as a full glass (80 pesos and up).

I didn’t have any because I hate the taste of beer, but Jorge was in heaven. His favorites were the Canadian and German beers, but he enjoyed some of the cheaper Mexican beers, too. Mexicans tend to drink only lighter beers at parties and get-togethers, so Jorge took advantage of the event and ordered his beloved dark beers.

I saw a ton of friends there, and it was a great night listening to music and sitting on the beach. I’m positive Jorge will want to go back next year!

Have you ever been to a beer festival?