Our Beautiful Custom-Made Bed

One of my best friends has a boyfriend who is just learning carpentry. Last Christmas, he showed me some photos on his cell phone of tables he’d made, and I was HOOKED! I asked him right away if he could make a few things for our new home.

Since Jorge and I have very different styles, we knew it would be hard to find furniture that suits both our styles, so hiring Leo to build custom-made furniture was perfect. Jorge likes very modern, streamlined, minimalist decor. I prefer a more colorful look with lots of textures, and my favorite thing is rustic Mexican furniture.

Anyone who lives in Cancun knows that it’s HARD to find good furniture! There are lots of stores that sell cool-looking things, but a closer look shows poor quality with plastic-y materials. The only store that has good furniture (in my opinion) is Liverpool, a higher end department store… but it’s EXPENSIVE.

So what did we do? Jorge and I went to Liverpool a few months ago and took pictures of things we liked. Some of the headboards we loved cost THOUSANDS of dollars. No thanks!

We showed Leo a few pictures, and a few weeks ago we got this….

Anyway, we love it! It has all the rustic Mexican charm I love without being too heavy, and it’s sleek and modern enough for Jorge’s taste.

Guess how much it cost? $2500 pesos! That’s only about $200 US dollars 🙂 For the headboard and the base. AND it was the first bed he’d ever made. Amazing job, Leo 🙂

Leo told me yesterday that he finished the nightstands to match!! Can’t wait to see how they turned out!

If any of my readers in Cancun or Merida want Leo’s info, let me know.