Just Thursday

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Outside my window.. sunny and 82 degrees
Today I feel.. energetic because we took the dogs for a walk this morning.
I am thankful.. that I only work a half day tomorrow, and I don’t work Saturday! Hello, 2 1/2 day weekend!
Tomorrow I am going.. Oh gosh, no idea! I’m so excited about my long weekend, yet I have nothing planned.
I am wearing.. my uniform.
I wish.. that my gym were open this week… stupid Semana Santa holidays ruining my weight loss haha
This weekend.. again, no idea! How lame is that? Maybe we’ll make it to the movies, we haven’t done that in forever.
I am reading.. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (still)
I am working on.. a marketing translation for work.
Yesterday I.. ate leftover chocolate mousse and watched Jersey Shore. (Anyone else noticing a pattern for my Wednesday nights?)
I am hoping.. that today will go by fast! (***UPDATE: Wish granted! Was just informed we will be leaving at 1 pm today.)
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. that I haven’t filed my taxes yet! Hopefully I’ll figure it out this week with the help of a very lengthy and wordy e-mail I got from the IRS help department (expats have until June 15 to file)
One of my [least] favorite.. things to do is wash my hair.
One of my [most] favorite.. things to make is guacamole. I make a very awesome guacamole. Too bad avocados are $10 pesos each right now.