Weekend in Akumal

After months of rain, rain, rain, my tan is finally starting to make a comeback!

Last week was my best friend Viri’s birthday, and a bunch of us headed down to Akumal for the weekend to celebrate. (With stops in Playa del Carmen for food on the way there and back, of course.) We booked the 3-bedroom condo at Vista del Mar on Half Moon Bay for a night, and it was huge! I didn’t take pictures of the condo, but you can see pictures of their condos here.


Most of the weekend was spent relaxing on the hotel’s beach. Half Moon Bay is much different from Akumal Bay. It is filled with rocks and fossilized coral, which is perfect for taking beautiful pictures, but difficult to walk on. If you’re ever on Half Moon Bay for the week, I’d recommend a camera and water shoes.


The only part of our condo that I did manage to snap some pictures of was the balcony. It was big and facing the beach! We spent a lot of time on the balcony eating and hanging out.


While the guys had ceviche at Lol-Ha restaurant, us girls went to hang out on the beach and play in the water of Akumal Bay. This beach has zero rocks and zero waves! This time, there were even schools of fish nibbling on my legs. It was cute 95% of the time, but there were a few fish that liked to bite my knees pretty hard.

Akumal is located in the Riviera Maya, about an hour and a half south of Cancun. (Halfway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum) We loved Vista del Mar hotel because of the spacious condos, amazing views and great location just a quick walk from La Buena Vida bar.

Akumal Weekend: Half Moon Bay

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My suegro had gotten a great deal at La Iguana Condos on Half Moon Bay, just north of Akumal Bay. Half Moon Bay was beautiful to look at, but with all the rocks and waves we were too chicken to go in. On Sunday morning, I did see one brave, lonely soul snorkeling in the middle of the bay, but I think that’s only a good idea for excellent swimmers.

The condos were nice, clean and spacious with lovely gardens and pools. We were right by a very rocky area filled with old coral, which was so much fun to explore!

Overall it was a quiet and relaxing place to stay, even with a group of 18 people!



Akumal Weekend: Akumal Bay

**First off, this week I wrote a guest post at Cancun Is Safe talking about how I feel living in Cancun. Read it here!**

Last weekend I got to see a beach I’ve been dying to visit since I moved to Cancun… Akumal!

Akumal is an easy 90-minute drive south of Cancun, and it’s known for great snorkeling and sea turtles. The Akumal area has 2 bays: Akumal Bay and Half Moon Bay.

I stayed in some condos on Half Moon Bay, which I’ll talk about later this week, but today’s post is about our afternoon at Akumal Bay. We started with lunch at Lol-Ha restaurant, and I snorkeled around the bay a bit. Some mild underwater claustrophobia kept me from snorkeling out far enough to see any sea turtles (I’m such a wimp!), but it was still a blast. The water was shallow and clear with almost no waves, and I spent a few hours in the ocean with friends chatting and doing some water acrobatics.

Needless to say, we’ll definitely go back to Akumal someday.

Check out the slideshow for some beautiful pics (seriously, you can’t take a bad photo at this place!):