In Case I Ever Complain About Anything…

…just remind me of this post.

Last night was the whole “blood moon” thing, which I was too tired to see. However, lots of Cancun locals headed to the beach to see it. I just happened to be in the Hotel Zone with Joge’s family last night, and around 11pm we [...]


Before and After: Garden Gone Wild

So about 2 years ago we decided to spruce up the little backyard of our rental house, putting in a patio of sorts, planting palm trees and getting rid of a large tree that we just HATED. Here’s how it all began:

After some back-breaking [...]


The 4 Stages of a Tequila Shot

Woohoo! I made my first GIF!

Here, my buddy Mike and I demonstrate the stages of a tequila shot:

1. Cheers.

2. Drink.

3. Tequila face.

4. Lime face.


This was at the open tequila bar on last week’s press tour of Xoximilco… more on that later!

Fun fact: Mike used to [...]


Lonely in Cancun

After spending the last 4 out of 5 weeks “on the road”, I finally get to spend most of June here at home in Cancun.  Everything has been pretty surreal since leaving my office job, with a week in my hometown of Richmond, two weeks at Playa del Carmen resorts for work (very cool, but [...]


Where Has Gringation Been?

I know… I made a huge announcement a month ago then dropped off the face of the earth. Well, I’m still making frequent updates on my Facebook page so my followers know what’s been going on, but the blog has been lonely since mid-April!

April 25 was my last day at the travel agency, so [...]


So I Quit My Job Today…

“Why are you quitting a job that thousands of people would kill for?”

That’s what a friend told me last week, and the very sentence that has been haunting me for the past few days.

Ever since I graduated university in Cancun over 3 years ago, I’ve had the same great job as a copywriter [...]



“I don’t go on many car trips, but when I do…”

“…I climb over everybody to get to the window.”



We Bought Land!!

Jorge and I have been considering buying land in the village of Chabihau for a few years. Our dream is to build a small vacation villa there so we can someday spend more time there relaxing, eating freshly caught fish and hanging out with Jorge’s extended family.

Two weekends ago, we went to Chabihau to [...]


Gringation Cancun Nominated as a Top 5 Mexico Blog

Despite the fact that I’m up against my boss and a good blogger friend (Hi Michele and Leslie!), I’m really excited to be nominated as a Top 5 Favorite Mexico Blog by About.com’s Readers’ Choice Awards! If you love reading this blog as much as I love writing it, please go in and vote for [...]


What We’ve Been Up To

I know I’ve been writing a ton about our little adventures over the past few months, but I haven’t talked much about the day-to-day lately. With Tulum vacations and hanging out on Cancun beaches, what have we been doing between our mini vacations?

This semester, Jorge got a teaching job at a Cancun high school. [...]