About Me

Laura Winfree: Cancun Travel Writer and Blogger

Cancun is my passion.

I came to this beach city at the age of 19 to major in tourism at a local university. Nine years later, I’ve turned my love for this destination into my life and my job.

This blog is all about my day-to-day life in Cancun. You’ll find some pretty cool stuff like my excursions around the Yucatan Peninsula, my favorite places in Cancun, my experience renting in Cancun, tips on how to speak more like a Mexican, my crazy Yucatecan husband and in-laws, and my own cultural observations.

Currently I work from home doing blogging, copy writing and social media for companies like Sandos Hotels & Resorts and BuyPlaya Real Estate. I’m also proud to be the Cancun Local Expert for Travel + Leisure!


You can also check out this My Mexico video of me. It’s not every day the Mexico Tourism Board follows you around Cancun!


And for more pictures of paradise, you can also keep up with me on social media. Follow me on:

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To get in touch with me directly for freelance travel writing, questions about Cancun or just to say hi, shoot me an e-mail: lau.winfree@hotmail.com