Our New Custom-Made Dining Room Table!

Jorge and I have long been wanting a dining table made of katalox wood for our new house! Our last house didn’t have a dining room, and we were excited to finally get something as simple as A TABLE. We’d seen katalox tables we liked at upscale stores, but they were usually very large and cost upwards of $20,000 pesos (about $1,000 dollars, not including chairs).

Katalox table

Something like this table is what we had in mind! Source: NativoMexico.com

Then, a few weeks ago, Jorge spotted our dream table for sale, used, on Facebook. The measurements were a bit larger than we wanted for our dining table, but I went in person to check it out anyway. Sadly, it had a wide and unsightly crack all the way down the center that would take a few hundred dollars to fix, putting the total cost at around $12,000 pesos (about $600 dollars). Jorge thought that maybe for that price we could have one custom-made, so we went to a woodshop called “El Pajarito” in Cancun to get some prices on materials.

After looking at different options, we settled on the thinner boards so that the table wouldn’t overwhelm the not-so-big dining room space, and we were thrilled to see that the thinner boards were significantly cheaper! Total, we spent about $2,100 pesos ($105 dollars) on wood.

Next, the woodshop owner referred us to a carpenter next door, who said he could have it all made in 2 – 3 weeks, including some time to let the wood expand… and he did! He charged us $4,500 pesos for labor, bringing the total cost to $6,600 pesos for the table ($330 US dollars).

The new katalox table was delivered this past Sunday, and Jorge and I immediately fell in love.

Katalox table Cancun

It fits perfectly into our dining room with room for 6 people. The reddish tone of the wood also adds some much-needed color to our house, which already has a lot of plain brown furniture. (Please forgive the pile of stuff on the right – we are still working on getting enough closet space in the new house to store everything!)

Yucatan wood table

Mexican dining room table

The branch crayons in the center were a souvenir gift from my brother-in-law’s recent trip to Michoacan. They’re almost too pretty to let the toddler use them!

Katalox wood

Needless to say, Jorge and I are incredibly happy! For a fraction of the price we had seen in stores, we were able to get our dream table and get it in a size that perfectly fits our space.

If you like what you see, the carpenter has a Facebook page! Just click here to follow and see some of their other work.

We still have a lot of work to do on the new house, like hanging up some artwork, getting doors made for our closets, CHAIRS for the new table, decorating the upstairs balcony, a railing for the staircase, a few more furniture pieces, and doing some cool stuff for the backyard… and someday, redoing the kitchen! (I like my kitchen, but I don’t LOVE my kitchen.) Then again, getting things done little by little is making the whole process even more fun.

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