Our Cozumel Anniversary Trip

We’ve been married for 5 years! It’s hard to believe it has been so long since our wedding day back in 2010, and Jorge and I still have so much fun together. We would have loved a huge week-long vacation to celebrate, but a newborn sure changes things. We left the baby with Jorge’s parents, and jetted off to Cozumel for the weekend. And by “jetted off”, I mean we took the ADO bus to Playa del Carmen, then the cheapest ferry to the island. Of course.

Our friends Juan and Viri celebrate their anniversary the day after we do, so we made it a couples weekend. Viri got us a room at this great little hotel called Vista del Mar. It sits right on the main road in Downtown Cozumel, and it has an ocean view. I loooooved hanging out on the balcony!

Our first day on Cozumel, we rented a Jeep that was clearly well-used (to put it nicely), and had a little road trip around the island.

We use a selfie stick. Deal with it.

We wanted to hang out at the Punta Sur beach, but the entry fee was very expensive for us, so off we went in search of something else. The entire Caribbean Sea has been suffering from a huge sargasso problem the past few months, so we had to settle for the closest beach with as little sargasso as possible. I was so bummed by the whole sargasso thing that I didn’t take any beach pictures, but we did end up at this cool little beach bar in the middle of nowhere that I absolutely LOVED.

Viri asked the bartender his name, to which he replied “Luis Forever”. The bar had a neighboring souvenir stand, plus a shaded hammock area on the beach.

Chillin' with Luis Forever

We were the only people in the hammocks when we arrived, but we were soon surrounded by all kinds of other travelers: a family with small children, a British couple, some couples, and a guy who kindly offered me a hit from his pipe. (People are SO NICE – but I politely declined.)

I also had my first alcoholic beverage in over a year – a really, really amazing mojito. But to be honest, I kind of liked Jorge’s coco loco better.

For lunch, we went to Muellecito at the southern end of Downtown Cozumel. Muellecito is a favorite of ours here in Cancun, but the one on Cozumel has an ocean view. Score. I’m OBSESSED with their caldo de camarón (shrimp broth) – first because it’s deliciously spicy, and second because it’s free. I also had a Long Island iced tea, which has like 3 kinds of alcohol in it, so I didn’t finish it because I started to get buzzed a third of the way through. That’s the danger of drinking something that tastes just like tea, but has zero tea content.

I don't remember this picture being taken.

The next morning, Viri and I noticed that there was a little entrance to the water right across the street from the hotel, and the water looked amazing! Turns out, the water around Downtown Cozumel is very, very rocky. Painfully rocky.

My feet were in a lot of pain when this picture was taken, but don't I look fabulous with the yacht in the background?

Later on a stroll through Downtown, we noticed a very nice beach just a block from the hotel. Oh well… missed the opportunity to swim here, but it sure looks nice in pictures!

Before hopping on the ferry back to the mainland, we got some lunch at a seafood restaurant called Tio Jose. The nachos were so, so wonderful, not to mention the seafood dishes. We grabbed a table right by the water, and there was a calm inlet with lots of families enjoying a Sunday swim.

We did so much more on this trip than I mentioned here. There was a haunted-house-style wings restaurant, a swim in the hotel’s terrace pool, watching local kids play in a fountain, some great omelettes, and a few road trip adventures where our Jeep almost exploded, but I really dropped the ball on the whole blogger taking photos thing. Hopefully you enjoyed the photos that I do have!

8 thoughts on “Our Cozumel Anniversary Trip

  1. Congrats you guys! That hotel is one of our favorites. We stayed there on our honeymoon for two weeks. YOu can’t beat it for $45 a night with the nice little breakfast included. Jessica I. and I enjoy following your adventures. Keep them coming!

  2. First, I am wishing congratulations on your anniversary. By reading your post I really enjoy about you and your husband with other guys’ fun activities that you have done on your trip. I and my husband also planning for have a trip to Mexico next year. For saving times already start talking with travel agency and transport agency like “dtourscancun”. Soon we will leave for our trip. Hope we will have so much dun moments in there.

  3. Congrats on your 5th soon to be 7th Anniversary. My family and I where just down in Cozumel feb 8th 2017 (from Minnesota so it’s down) We stayed close to there at the Grand Park Royal.I love Cozumel and feel very much at home there, hope to move down in 5 years or so. It seem every time I visit the island I meet interesting people. I like to dive and did a lot of it, while diving there I met a very interesting man named DR. German Mendez. DR. Mendez is a Marine Biologist / Dive instructor at one of the local dive shops.

    DR. Mendez has started a Reef Restoration Program for the coral reefs around Cozumel island. This man is very passionate about restoring the marine life as well as the wild life on the island. He has a coral farm to try to restore the corals that have been destroyed by the large amount of cruise ships that visit the island everyday. He grows the corals and then transplants them on to the many reefs in the area. He also has been very active in the bird sanctuary on the island.

    I know this is a bit off subject, and if not okay then please delete my post! I just wanted to give a shout out to great man!
    Thank you, love your blog

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