Newborn Photo Shoot!

Jorge and I are now the proud parents to a handsome baby boy! Baby “A” caught us all by surprise and arrived 3 weeks early, and so far he has been a very, very easy and laid-back baby.

He is over a month old now, but I have been way too busy with family, baby and work to post about him on the blog until today. I have already been posting photos of him on the Facebook page and my Instagram (@CancunGringa), but he hadn’t made it to the blog quite yet.

The good news is that we now have the images from his newborn photo shoot, thanks to Monica Lopez Photography. Some of my long-time readers will remember that Monica also shot our Trash the Dress photo shoot on Isla Mujeres several years ago.

The newborn photo shoot was done in our house and around our neighborhood. We have several pretty parks nearby, and we may have snuck into a neighbor’s yard at one point.

Here are my favorite pictures of A, with his parents making a few appearances. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Newborn Photo Shoot!

  1. Omg, how can you stand it, he is so friggin cute. Congrats to mom & dad for being choosing as his parents.

  2. You guys all look gorgeous! Congratulations!!
    Side note…I would love to hear about Mexico’s family leave/return to work policy. I know you freelance which is different, but how much time do most people in Mexico get off after the birth of a child? {yes, I’m nosy! I’m still bitter that Canada gets a YEAR! So I’m just thinking about where I need to move to before my next birth–haha!} 😉

    • Thank you! In Mexico, working moms get maternity leave through IMSS, the public health care system. You get 42 days before the due date (if the baby is born early, the remaining days are lost), and 42 days after the baby is born. So 84 days total, if the baby is born on the due date. All of this is paid with 100% of your salary by IMSS. I think you can take a few additional weeks at 60% pay, if you like. The downside is that there is A LOT of paperwork and doctor visits required for IMSS to give you paid maternity leave.

  3. Oh my gosh, he is the most adorable thing. <3 Congratulations. Your face just says it all – so full of pride and love. And the way Jorge looks at him is just magical.

  4. Laura..I was so excited to see these.. What a beautiful family you have..I especially like the ones with you and Jorge in them because the love just jumps off the page! Thank you for sharing..and here’s to many more memories being made! Give Baby A a cuddle for me! Take care!

  5. Congrats! Is always a blessing see a baby so beautiful and healthy ,is make me want another one! Lol! But for now i just feel happy for you and you gorgeous family ! God bless! Ruth from tx! 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness, I was looking through old blog posts and clicked to see if you were still blogging. And there was a baby! Congratulations! Think I will be looking back on what you’ve been up to these past 3 years 😉 Love your long hair too!

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