Isla Blanca: So This Is Where All The Kite Surfers Hang Out

Ok, fine. I didn’t actually do any kite surfing myself, but I found out where everybody else is doing it!

On Saturday morning, Jorge woke up to a text message from his friend Benja saying his family was going to Isla Blanca, and did we want to join them? I was dying for a beach day and since we don’t have a car, I jump at every opportunity to get a ride all the way up there.

I’ve been to Isla Blanca before (read about that in this old blog post!) and it had always been pretty busy, but this time we had the beach almost all to ourselves. Something tells me Isla Blanca must just get really busy on Sundays. Isla Blanca is a strip of land with the ocean on one side and a huge, shallow lagoon on the other. The best part of all: it’s virgin land. Apart from one or two little seafood restaurants and a handful of beach homes on the way there, it hasn’t been touched. With tourism booming, we don’t have many places like this left in the Mexican Caribbean. Every time I go, I see so many birds!

The downside was the large amount of seaweed on the beach. We’ve been getting a lot of seaweed in Cancun this year, but I hear it helps prevent erosion to make the beaches bigger! Nobody seems sure what is causing it this year, but I guess that’s nature for ya. πŸ™‚

It’s not that easy to reach. Isla Blanca is about 30 minutes north of Downtown Cancun, and a large part of that drive is unpaved road. You really need a car (preferably a sporty one!) to get to Isla Blanca. But it’s so worth it.

When we got there, Benja’s parents had already set up lunch under the shade of a lone tree. A very cool location!

After chowing down on some chips and ceviche, we headed to the lagoon to explore a little. In addition to some brave guys wakeboarding behind a truck, which looks REALLY FUN, we also found some baby mangrove trees, a family playing with their dogs, and even a horseshoe crab! (I was so excited about seeing my first live horseshoe crab, but later my friends from Philly tell me they see them all the time back home… I guess it all depends on where you’re from!)

A 5-minute walk by the lagoon led us to a campsite with trucks and tents, which turned out to be a big group of kite surfers. It was the first weekend of “Semana Santa” (a 2-week Catholic holiday in Mexico), so I’m guessing that’s why it was so busy. I may be wrong. But there were dozens of kites over the shallow lagoon water taking full advantage of the windy day. We saw some jumps, some pretty fast kites, and even a few wipeouts!

There’s not much to say about the rest of our day at Isla Blanca. We spent the afternoon exploring, watching the ocean, eating and listening to music. Can’t wait til my next chance to go back!

12 thoughts on “Isla Blanca: So This Is Where All The Kite Surfers Hang Out

  1. The sargasso is RIDICULOUS in Belize too! And I SO want to go to this area….saw the whale sharks a few years ago (amazing)…I want to do Holbox and now this place. Love all the kites!

    • Definitely do Holbox soon! It looks like they might start building up Holbox with more hotels over the next few years, so I would go while it’s still calm and quiet. πŸ™‚

  2. Looks Like a Blast. I’m all the way over on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, loving the Kite boarding over here. We also have an unbelievable season in Los Barriles and La Ventana.

    • Seems like the Caribbean coast is better for swimming, and the Pacific coast is better for water sports! We only have a handful of kite surfing spots in our region.

  3. We’ve recently visited Isla Blanca as a “get-away from Semana Santa insanity in Cancun” strategy. It’s busy up there right now, but still much more quiet than our usual haunts. Like you, I was completely amazed by the horseshoe crabs. I’ve seen them before in the lagoon, but there were lots of them this time. I think they might be looking for mates. That’s what they are up to when your friends from Philly see them. The shores of the Delaware Bay are where the largest population of American Horseshoe Crabs go to spawn. Did you know that they aren’t really crabs? They are more closely related to scorpions, ticks and spiders. They are fascinating, but a beach covered with horseshoe crabs might just creep me out a bit. Isla Blanca had just enough of them to make it easy to watch them without feeling like they were taking over the place.

    • I was surprised it was so empty on the first weekend of Semana Santa! We got lucky, I guess.

      Wow, they’re not really crabs? Now I’m a little scared of them haha

  4. Ok ,well congrats to you and all the family,from the bottom of my heart i wish you a great labor day and i cant wait to see your baby!Grettings from Texas!! Xoxoxo

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