Cancun Is Home Now

I’ve lived in Cancun for almost 10 years now, but through all that time, the USA was always still “home” to me. I anxiously awaited every trip back to the States, and I closely followed the news back home.

This year, things changed.

Jorge and I just spent 2 weeks in the States (Christmas with my sisters, and New Years in Orlando). We had such an amazing time, but it seemed strange when I realized that I was anxious to get back to Cancun. When we arrived back in Cancun, I stepped outside the airport and smiled as the hot, humid air filled my nose while I pulled my suitcase through the parking lot. I was home. Cancun was home.

Throughout 2014, I also stopped reading news stories from the USA. Something inside me said, “These social problems aren’t your problems now. You don’t live in the USA. You haven’t lived in the USA since 2005. You need to focus on Mexico, now.”

Maybe it’s because my parents moved to South America this year. Maybe it’s because we’re having a kid that will grow up here and have Mexican heritage. Maybe I’ve finally just been here long enough to let go of another life. But I’m happy. I love Cancun.

This must just be another stage of expat life.

And now… Bonus pictures! Thanks for reading. Here are a few of our Orlando photos… it was so weird being a tourist! We’re used to being the cool locals, so making the transition to nerdy tourist was tough.

12 thoughts on “Cancun Is Home Now

  1. It took me abouut 7 years to stop saying “home” about NJ…so just recently too. I’ve been in Belize full time for 8 years and the switch just happened…you got me thinking 🙂

    • We were disappointed with the outdoor part… very generic looking, and the pyramid was a weird mix of Mayan, Aztec and I dunno what else. Once we got into the temple, we were impressed! The outdoor market looked very much like what we see here (except for the temple and volcano in the background haha but to be honest that was pretty cool), and we had lunch at San Angel Inn restaurant that was some of the best Mexican food I’ve had in awhile.

      • What!? you mean there isn’t always a Volcano behind Pyramids LOL! I am from Jalisco and I find the food in the Riviera Maya area bland compared to our region. Have you ever been to the Jalisco area?

  2. Disney is such a magical place. I love Epcot! Cancun is my second home. I have vacationed there for so many years I should buy a place :).

  3. I have to say that you look amazing. And wow – your parents moved to South America? Where did they go?

    I hope that one day I’ll live somewhere long enough to consider it home. 🙂 10 years in Cancun? Amazing.

  4. Hi , im feeling the same here i use to live in west palm beach, Fl and now in tx and i never feel home here, i miss mexico every day,hopefully, im planing to go back to mexico, cancun to live, and also ,im always dream about make a blog , any advise please?!
    you guys make a cute couple!!:)

  5. Hello, We’re looking to move to Cancun. My whole family has been here in Washington all of our lives, and deep down inside all of us this doesn’t feel like home. Watched international house hunting, it was like an eye opener and we all feel that is where we need to be living happy and relaxed.

    You have any advice where or who I can get in contact with to start the moving process? Any little advise will be great fully appreciated.

    Thank you

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