How to Tell Your In-Laws You’re Pregnant

Jorge and I wanted a special way to tell his family about the baby, especially because it will be the first grandchild for his parents and the first niece or nephew for his brothers. My wonderful mother-in-law has been throwing out not-so-subtle hints for years that she would love grandchildren sooner rather than later. I think she was surprised to find out we weren’t planning on having kids right when we got married 4 years ago!

Since we were announcing a few weeks before Christmas, I came up with the idea to make some personalized ornaments as an “early Christmas gift”. We NEVER give out Christmas gifts so early, and honestly I was really, really surprised that they weren’t even a little bit suspicious.

I won’t go into too many details. Instead, here’s the video!

Note: The “tia” ornament was for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, who had to work that night.

My side of the family is equally excited, but since we’re spread out between 3 different countries, it’s hard to organize a big surprise!

8 thoughts on “How to Tell Your In-Laws You’re Pregnant

  1. Awww, this was the sweetest I have ever seen. Brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy and excited for you and your family. What a great gift.

  2. I love how no one ruins the surprise for anyone else. The first brother was so great, he was so excited but let his parents and brother have the surprise too.

  3. So sweet…and I enjoyed watching tu suegro who just couldn’t get the darn thing open and didn’t notice everyone else jumping around.

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