A Cancun-Style Fairytale

In summer 2005, I left my family and friends behind. At age 19 I had moved to Cancun, a place where I didn’t know anybody. My first memory of the city is riding in a van from the airport to the downtown bus station. The van passed through the entire length of the Cancun Hotel Zone, stopping to let off other passengers along the way. The city had me hooked immediately. From that first van ride from the airport, I was mesmerized by the glittering lights of the huge beach hotels. This was where I belonged.

This week, 9 years of exploring, writing and learning have culminated in something pretty cool: one of the biggest travel publications in the world has named me a Cancun expert.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m the Travel + Leisure Cancun Local Expert!

It’s every travel writer’s dream to write for a huge publication like Travel + Leisure, and I’m beyond happy to be working with them. I’ll be sharing my Travel + Leisure articles periodically on the Gringation Blog Facebook page so you can see even more of this city that I love so much.

They also have an extensive list of other great travel experts in different cities across the globe, which you can see here. I’m in good company.

From confused teenage American in 2005… to top Cancun travel expert in 2014!

Thanks to my parents for going along with my crazy move to Mexico, to Jorge for always being there to convince me I’m superwoman, to my boss Michele Kinnon at BuyPlaya Real Estate for recommending me to Travel + Leisure, and to all of my Mexican friends who have showed me what this culture is all about over the past decade.

18 thoughts on “A Cancun-Style Fairytale

  1. Congrats Laura!

    Way too cool. As active as you show to be…you deserve it.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I’m flying from Los Angeles (I live in Orange County; ten minutes from Disneyland) to Cancun on Sept. 6th. I’ll be there from 9/6 – 9/14. Hopefully, we can meet in Cancun. I will be staying at Ibis Hotel for a while and also travel to Valladolid and Merida. I am visiting two friends (girls) who also live there in DT Cancun. I can’t wait to arrive! This will be my first time in Cancun.

    Anyhow, I will message you through Facebook so we can something can be planned…possibly a group dinner or outing? I see you would like to visit some beach site…FYI- I am so down to travel (I have the time). I will update you.

    -Jose Manuel

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