Mahahual Road Trip!

Over my 9 years in Cancun, I’ve made an effort to explore all the main travel destinations in the state of Quintana Roo. I’ve made it to Holbox, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos and Akumal. All the big ones. All that was left was Mahahual, Bacalar, and Sian Ka’an. A few months ago, I got to cross two of those off my list!

My friend Julie (another gringa) and I planned a little weekend road trip to Mahahual and Bacalar… not an easy thing to because they’re 4 – 5 hours south of Cancun. We took her car down the main highway, and we gossiped and reminisced about 90s music along the way. There was an overnight stay in Tulum before we made it to the little beach town of Mahahual for the afternoon.

The original plan was to stay a night in Mahahual, but since it was Semana Santa (“Holy Week”, kind of like Mexico’s Spring Break when they all go on vacation), all of the hotels in Mahahual were booked solid. So a few hours would have to be enough!

When we arrived in Mahahual, I wasn’t too excited. All the action is set along the Malecon, a beachfront pedestrian street, and it was packed. I don’t mind a busy beach, but this was ridiculous. And Mexicans don’t do beach days quite like Americans do. Americans will spread out a towel, tan, order a few drinks and play in the water. On the other hand, when Mexicans travel with the family, they will usually grab a table on the sand so they can eat and drink all day. (Let’s be honest, the Mexican way is so much better.) Unfortunately, this meant that the beach I’d dreamed of visiting for years was filled with plastic tables and chairs.

Luckily as Julie and I walked further down the Malecon, the crowds thinned out a little and we were able to find a beach club with some space. We ordered some drinks and a light lunch, and spent all afternoon hanging out in the water!

Just off the beach, there’s a reef where the waves break, so the water right by the beach is shallow and still, like a pool. It was HEAVENLY.

Our stretch of beach was pretty quiet, but I could see the Semana Santa crowds further down. My next Mahahual trip will be during low season!

For now I’ll leave you all with pictures of the beach and the Malecon, which was pretty cool! I’ll definitely be back to Mahahual.

11 thoughts on “Mahahual Road Trip!

  1. Ah it looks so beautiful and you look gorgeous! I so want to come and visit Mexico, everywhere you’ve been looks so lovely and this beach is stunning <3 xx

  2. It’s so good to see an update from you! Either I’ve missed them or it’s been a while. Your photos make me so excited…I’m going to Mexico next month and again in September! I hope the weather is as awesome as it looks in your photos! 🙂

  3. Great shots of my favorite spot!!!
    Mahahual is an oasis, even though you hit it on
    an exceptionally busy day….. It still is lovely!
    Sometimes if you ask, the hotels may know of private condos available for rent.

  4. Eek, I remember going anywhere on Semana Santa and it was always a complete nightmare. Nice that you found a quiet part of the beach though. 😀

  5. My Wife and I have lived in Mahahual for 16 plus years and it’s cool. If you take the beach road south for 5 Km or more and look carefully at the signs, there a a variety of bars on beautiful beaches where the fun goes from “anything goes” to more modest stuff. The fun ends at about Km. 12 , South. Dig it!

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