So I Quit My Job Today…

“Why are you quitting a job that thousands of people would kill for?”

That’s what a friend told me last week, and the very sentence that has been haunting me for the past few days.

Ever since I graduated university in Cancun over 3 years ago, I’ve had the same great job as a copywriter for a large local travel agency. The pay is good (for Mexico, anyway), the hours are normal (hard to find in a tourist city), the coworkers are awesome, and it has never once stressed me out. It has been the one job that I do not wake up dreading to go to.

But as nice as it has been to have a safe office job, it’s not the reason that I moved to Cancun 8 years ago.

Thanks to this blog, I have gotten some exciting freelance work over the past few years. It’s been so thrilling to get my name out there as a blogger in paradise, and I started to realize that I was passionate about sharing Cancun with the world. Now, my dream of being able to blog full time from home has finally come true! And by “home”, I mean a mix of my house, several Starbucks locations and maybe even the beach.

New office?


I’m fully aware that blogging will probably be a lot more work and a lot less predictability.

But ya know what? It will also be a lot more fun.

You can work from a laptop in the ocean, right?


Thanks to all of my readers for the unbelievable support in making this possible. Y’all are the best. :) I will definitely keep everyone posted on the cool work that I’ll be doing.

It’s time for this gringa to work hard and play hard!

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