So I Quit My Job Today…

“Why are you quitting a job that thousands of people would kill for?”

That’s what a friend told me last week, and the very sentence that has been haunting me for the past few days.

Ever since I graduated university in Cancun over 3 years ago, I’ve had the same great job as a copywriter for a large local travel agency. The pay is good (for Mexico, anyway), the hours are normal (hard to find in a tourist city), the coworkers are awesome, and it has never once stressed me out. It has been the one job that I do not wake up dreading to go to.

But as nice as it has been to have a safe office job, it’s not the reason that I moved to Cancun 8 years ago.

Thanks to this blog, I have gotten some exciting freelance work over the past few years. It’s been so thrilling to get my name out there as a blogger in paradise, and I started to realize that I was passionate about sharing Cancun with the world. Now, my dream of being able to blog full time from home has finally come true! And by “home”, I mean a mix of my house, several Starbucks locations and maybe even the beach.

New office?


I’m fully aware that blogging will probably be a lot more work and a lot less predictability.

But ya know what? It will also be a lot more fun.

You can work from a laptop in the ocean, right?


Thanks to all of my readers for the unbelievable support in making this possible. Y’all are the best. 🙂 I will definitely keep everyone posted on the cool work that I’ll be doing.

It’s time for this gringa to work hard and play hard!

23 thoughts on “So I Quit My Job Today…

  1. buena suerte mi amiga, keep enjoying life. My esposa and I will be at the Casa Maya from April 19th to the 27 in Cancujn right across from the giant Mexican flag on Kukulkan blvd near the Embarcadero,we as you do ride the bus everywhere we wish to go. Very respectfully Lou Brewer

  2. I’m way behind, but I wanted to actually stop and comment and say CONGRATS to you for going after what you want! Not many people would take a big leap like that… and that’s what will get you far in life! Way to go and GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. So so jealous, would be my dream to blog full time and you’ve gone and made it 🙂 congratulations and good luck with everything! xx

    • Just this week! It’s my last week at my office job plus I have a lot of freelancing responsibilities. I’m going crazy but I’ll be able to breathe in a few days.

  4. HI Laura,

    I am considering retiring to Cancun. I so much appreciate you sharing your adventures. Live Life!!!!!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I just want you to know I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award 2013. Your fitness transformation was so inspiring to me, so it was only fitting.

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